It's all about the Eye Make Up

First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you for the lovely messages of support I've had regarding this new series, you guys really are the best, and it's good to know that my work is being well received! I'm going to use this opportunity to improve my photos, I struggle with flatlays and group photos, but I'm hoping that when I get my beauty room/work studio (spare back bedroom!) sorted out, it will help the quality and look of the photos and will have a far nicer aesthetic. Until then, I'll just have to fluff my way through haha!

Enough of the rambling, lets take a gander at some more products that I have been enjoying this week...

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

I bought this as soon as I could possibly get my hands on it, to the extent of going on the waitlist from Jeffree Stars website and having it sent from abroad! I knew as soon as I saw the collection that I needed everything, and I'm so lucky to actually own the whole lot! However I don't think I ever even did a post about it, I was just too excited to start playing with it all before I could take some photos. 

The Blood Sugar palette has to be my most favourite item out of the collection, and I have been using it on a daily basis, even if to only dip into one or two colours and mix and match with other palettes. You can see from the image that some of the colours have been getting a lot of love, especially 'Glucose' which is the whitest of white eyeshadows. I love how it has a mixture of brights and neutrals, mattes and shimmers, it's definitely a palette for every makeup lovers collection - a must have! 

It costs £46, which is pretty pricey, but look at the colour selection here, and rest assured that they are all highly pigmented and easily blended. Plus, the packaging is so unique, it will be one to have out on display. 


Pixi Fairy Lights in Crystalline

I have been loving the fairy lights collection, I have them in all 5 colours, but I've been using Crystalline the most this week, layering it over a white eyeshadow (Glucose from the above palette). 

They have an amazing sparkly quality, that doesn't feel too chunky or uncomfortable around the delicate eye area. Its great to use on the lid, in the inner eye corner, or even used with a thin liner brush to sweep over your eyeliner. They are very versatile, and at a great price too. 

Pixi is a brand that I'm fairly new to, I'm still enjoying discovering more from their range and I'm loving learning about them. You will probably see a lot of Pixi products making their way into these posts over the coming weeks! Fairy Lights are fragrance free, paraben free, alcohol free and suitable for all skin types, cruelty free and vegan! So many reasons to try them out for yourself! They cost £15 each, so not going to break the bank.


Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Here is an example of the skincare part of Pixi that I've been enjoying. I love to use this morning and night, after I've finished cleansing, toning and moisturising. This super fine mist adds an extra layer of hydration, locking in the moisture without adding any weight or texture to the face. It's also great to use during the day for a quick pick me up, and can even be spritzed over the top of your makeup. It smells incredible too, such a pleasure to use.

Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, black oat, provitamin A, and linoleic acid, all great for hydration and plumping. Get your bottle HERE for £18.


Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

An accessory that everyone needs! A great way to file and shape your nails in the quickest and easiest manner as you can file backwards and forwards without damaging/tearing the nail unlike regular nail files. I have a handful of these that I seem to have collected over the years, including a jumbo sized one haha! I've particularly been enjoying this file this week as I've had a few breaks to my nails, and as I am being quite stubborn and not wanting to chop down all of my nails and even the lengths out just yet, I've been using this file to nicely smooth them off. 

A quick rinse under the top cleans the file after each use, ready for next time. Another item that I highly recommend investing in! The small file costs just £12.50, and remember that this investment will last you a long, long time! 


UNT Peel Off Base Coat

This truly is every swatcher's dream come true, and it has been one of the best nail related products I have ever discovered! When you are working with a brand and they send you multiple beautiful polishes to swatch, this base coat makes the process a million times quicker, more efficient. It's also great for wearing underneath glitter polishes, no more scrubbing and soaking to remove, just a quick peel. 

Just bear in mind that the longevity of your manicure will be a lot shorter, as obviously this product has been made with the intention of a quick removal. 

Simply apply to your nail, allow to dry, then continue as normal with your colour and topcoat. I like to slightly overlap the topcoat closer to the cuticle than I go with colour, and seal in over the nail tip, just to add extra wear time when needed. You can get your bottle HERE for £8.50.


So those are my favourite five of the week that I wanted to share with you guys! Is there any that you absolutely love, or absolutely hate? Any that you will now be adding to your Wishlist? Let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx