How to Tweezerman, French and Shellac French Mascara Set

The Tweezers and French Mascaras are the only two brands in the entire world that are actually named after their products.They’re so well-known that they are sometimes given nicknames like Tweezer, French, and Shellarac.The Tweozers are made from the top-grain leather of the Tweezermongrass plant, which is harvested on a farm in the southern French countryside.It is an extremely beautiful […]

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How To Make A Shellac French Makeup Mist for Your Wedding

The beauty of making your own basic white polish is that you can use it to finish off your look, or to cover a few areas of the body.To make your own, all you need is a small jar of the stuff and some patience.First, buy a couple of white polish jars.There are plenty of them in your local drugstore.For […]

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