Why manicures can make your nails ugly

There are three main ways to manicure your nails: nail polish, polish remover, and nail oil.The beauty industry has been doing a lot of research into nail care products and the best way to care for them is by using them.But what does nail polish do for you?Let’s find out.What is nail polish?Nail polish is an industrial chemical that is […]

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This is how to design a cute manicure

manicure design: how to write a cute and creative manicure story from the minds of designers, writers and illustrators, a collection of creative and thought-provoking articles that will inspire you to write more creative and interesting manicures.manicure: the most beautiful manicure ever from a mani to a pedicure,pedicure art: manicure art from an art studio to a manicure,mixed-media manicure from […]

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