How to write a meme

article I’m a big fan of all things meme.I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it and posting memes, and it’s something that I think is so important.So I’m going to share some of the techniques I use when creating a meme.It’s been a while since I posted this, so I hope it’s helpful.I’m sure there are others out […]

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How I was a manicurist for over a decade: A Q&A with Marc Forster

Marc Forsten, the cofounder and CEO of Luxe Spa, is known for his eclectic line of manicures.But he’s also known for an unusual manicure for a man who is often seen at the center of celebrity feuds.The name Marc Forst, a.k.a.Marc, is derived from the German word for “little man.”Forster has said he prefers to use the term “little manicure” […]

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