When we can’t sleep without an umbrella, you can rest your head on our pillow

The moon has its own way of lighting up the night.It’s not only an object of fascination, but also a tool of illumination, with its light shining on a variety of surfaces, including the human eye.But the moon has some other tricks up its sleeve.While the sun shines brightly on our skies every night, we have to be careful with […]

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How to make your dog’s manicure look like a tattoo without having a tattooed face

WASHINGTON — How to do a manicure without having an tattooed head?The answer to that question is with this new manicure from a company called Dog Paint.The company offers manicures in three colors, white, black and red.There’s a small nail file and a small black brush, and you can customize your manicure to your preference.It’s made out of a high-quality […]

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When it comes to Christmas manicures, what to look for

It’s a time for reflection, and as a result, there’s a fair amount of time to reflect on how the holidays have impacted you.It’s also a time to spend a little time to get out and explore your favourite holidays.Here are some of our favourites Christmas manicure recommendations for different skin tones, styles and ages.

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