This is your next manicure, nail salon is offering

TechCrunch: The best men’s manicure sets are available on Amazon now.Here’s our guide to the best men-only manicure lines.1.BioniMen’s manicures (or, “bioni manicures”) are the latest trend in the nail salon world, but it’s not a new trend.Back in the ’90s, they were one of the most popular nail styles.These manicures are a mix of classic and modern, with each […]

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‘Passionate’ manicure creator is set to become a new icon in Japan

JAPANESE MEDITATION MEDITATIONS AUSTRALIA is in the midst of a surge in the number of people visiting a popular Japanese manicure salon, which has emerged as a destination for Japanese men seeking to make a lasting mark on their lives.Japanese manicure artist Jana Hanashiro is the first of her kind in Australia and she is poised to be a key face […]

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