How to make your own manicure with red and blue colors

You’re never too old to add some new hair to your wardrobe, but there’s no denying the trend of red and white nail art has taken off in recent years.Here are three ways to transform your nail art into something more stylish.1.DIY red manicure DIY red nail art.Photo: Lisa Larson-Walker/Flickr, CC 2.DIY blue manicure.Photo by Flickr user Jazmine Jansons.3.DIY yellow […]

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Rangers’ Robyn Regehr says her career will ‘go on and on’

The Minnesota Wild’s Robyn Rebens will remain in Minnesota, but her time with the team is going to end in some fashion, according to the team’s executive vice president of hockey operations.Robyn was named the team captain last year and became the first female captain in the NHL.The Wild’s women’s team has not had a captain since Gretzky.Rebens joined the […]

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