When you’re a manicurist, you don’t have to be a girl anymore

Posted October 11, 2018 04:37:50If you’ve ever looked up to a young lady as a role model, you may have been inspired to pursue your own manicure.But while women are still expected to have a manicure, women are now being encouraged to have their own.Men are now also being encouraged, and encouraged to pursue, a manicured appearance.It’s a major shift […]

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American manicure is now a $50 billion business

More than 70% of Americans use an American manicurist annually, according to the latest numbers from the American Society of Anesthetic and Analgesic Surgeons.In a survey released on Wednesday, the AMA found that more than half of US adults surveyed said they have used a manicurer in the past year.The survey also revealed that Americans are spending more on their […]

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How manicure products are made: From nail clippers to nail polishes, here’s everything you need to know

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “manicured nails”.It’s used to describe the look of nail polish or the look that a manicure artist puts on a man’s nails.But the real beauty of manicure is that it is about creating something that is both beautiful and functional.It can also look really good on you.We’ve rounded up the basics of what […]

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