How to get the best gel manicures for sale

The gel manicurist has an important role in helping people with conditions like depression, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) feel comfortable and healthy.Nowadays, there are a lot of choices in manicure products and a lot more affordable ones are becoming available on the market.However, a lot is still unclear about the effectiveness of a particular gel manicuring.It’s […]

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Black french manicurist pays $2,500 for ‘black french’ gel manicure

A black French manicurists in South Texas is paying for a gel manicured hairpiece with a $2.5 million bill.The manicure is designed to mimic the natural look of a man’s hair while providing a healthy dose of colour, and cost about $150.The manicure also features a mirror.According to the Daily Mail, the manicurers at Black French Salon in South Houston […]

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