Why I got my manicure in France

A couple of years ago, I was at a spa in Marseille, France, where I got an eye makeover. My nail art is all about using colours, using shapes, using textures and colours to express my ideas.I wanted to use different textures and tones to express myself, my style. I wanted it to be like a painting, which means I have to […]

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How I was a manicurist for over a decade: A Q&A with Marc Forster

Marc Forsten, the cofounder and CEO of Luxe Spa, is known for his eclectic line of manicures.But he’s also known for an unusual manicure for a man who is often seen at the center of celebrity feuds.The name Marc Forst, a.k.a.Marc, is derived from the German word for “little man.”Forster has said he prefers to use the term “little manicure” […]

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‘Passionate’ manicure creator is set to become a new icon in Japan

JAPANESE MEDITATION MEDITATIONS AUSTRALIA is in the midst of a surge in the number of people visiting a popular Japanese manicure salon, which has emerged as a destination for Japanese men seeking to make a lasting mark on their lives.Japanese manicure artist Jana Hanashiro is the first of her kind in Australia and she is poised to be a key face […]

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