Toxic Nailz

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Toxic Nailz

I am super excited to tell you about a fab new indie brand hitting the scene on the 2nd September. This indie maker is based in West Lothian, Scotland and from what I've seen on their Instagram page, there is going to be lots of sparkle sent out by them! These polishes are going to all be non-toxic, 5-free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

The lovelies over at Toxic Nailz were kind enough to send me a couple of their upcoming polishes to try out, one creme and one glitter. Lets start the review...


Girl Boss

Girl Boss

If you're looking for a staple white polish for your collection, this is a great option. I don't usually get on so well with white polish, they can sometimes be a little too thick and gloopy and I lose patience being the typical redhead that I am haha!

Girl Boss however was so easy to work with, it wasn't too thick at all and actually a good way! It is highly pigmented so two coats is definitely enough and it dries to a glossy finish. My photo does show two coats with a topcoat.  

This polish looks great worn alone, or if you dabble in nail art, it will make the perfect clean and bright base for your design. 


Broken Chainz

Broken Chainz

Of course, like a true holo addict, this polish is my favourite of the two. Such sparkle, its beautiful.

Broken Chainz is a rose gold glitter polish with the most stunning rainbow holo running through it. I wore it over white undies for the photo, and it took three coats for full cover. I'm also wearing a generous helping of topcoat, as glitter polishes do tend to be more thirsty. 

You could always use a sponge to apply this polish which would mean you'd only need two coats, but I've been feeling a little lazy and couldn't be bothered with the cleanup haha!



So for a 10ml bottle the cost will be £5.50, there may also be a couple of special limited editions popping up which will cost £6 for the same 10ml size. 

Something else which I'm giddy about is the liquid latex. Toxic Nailz will be releasing a 10ml bottle of this which will only cost £2, I'll be snapping this badboy up for sure!

Postage (in the UK) is very reasonable too, £1.50 for first class. Not bad at all! I'm also noticing on their Instagram page that they now have a EU courier, so make sure you give them a follow for more information once updated.


Where to find Toxic Nailz

Check out their website, obviously it doesn't go live until the 2nd September, but you can still have a nosey and read their about page and FAQ's. 

Also find them on Instagram where you will be kept up to date with new info, polishes and customer swatches. 


That's all from me, thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx