Special Effect Nail Glitters by Beauty Big Bang

**Contains PR products**

I'm back today with some more goodies kindly sent to me by Beauty Big Bang. I'll be showing you two different coloured nail glitters available from their shop for just £1.97 each...a complete bargain if you ask me!

From the research I've done on YouTube and various blogs, its easy to see that these look their very best when used with gel polish, so that's exactly what I did. I prepared my nails with a black base coat, a gel topcoat and took to the glitters...



After your nails are all gelled up and ready to go, grab the applicator that comes with the tub of glitter, pick up a small amount of flakes and gently buff over the nail until satisfied. Once you're happy, seal in with another gel topcoat. 

I love how this looks over that dark black base, all the colours of the rainbow really pop, its mesmerising! The nail feels completely smooth, even though some of those glitters are large, the gel really seals those babies in! I'm looking forward to playing around more with these and creating some nail art...I'll be having a good scroll through Pinterest for ideas haha!

On the website the colours don't really have a name, but here is the code for this option: j6483tm-1a 



Just look at those beautiful colours! This is definitely my favourite option out of the two, it almost looks like I've used a foil. I applied this exactly the same way as before, so quick and so easy to achieve. 

The code for this colour option is: j6483tm-11a

These glitters come in a multitude of colours, you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to grab some for yourself, remember to use my discount code LEANNE to save 10% off all your Beauty Big Bang shopping. 

Here are the links you can use depending on your country...

- beautybigbang.com

- us.beautybigbang.com

- beautybigbang.aliexpress.com


Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx