Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo by Nails Inc

I haven't really been splurging on nail polishes over the past month or so, but I couldn't help myself when I saw that this duo was on offer at work. These two polishes are every unicorn obsessed persons dream - soft, pearlescent, pinky, blue, lilac, sparkle, iridescent perfection! 

Even if unicorns aren't your thing and you're hoping for the phase to end, there's absolutely no denying how flipping stunning these bad boys are. 

Lets have a look at the swatches...


Rainbow Wishes


Isn't it just one of the prettiest polishes you've ever seen?! Its such a soft, pearlescent pink/lilac with a blue/green iridescent shift. 

To be honest, I haven't used Nails Inc in a little while, and I'd forgotten just how incredible the formula is. So easy to work with and completely opaque in two easy coats. I love the brushes on these two as well, flat, wide and round which makes for a nice and tidy application. 


Dream Dust


Now we're talking - look at that shimmer and sparkle! So, so pretty. This looks like a slightly deeper shade of pink with a good helping of iridescent glitters. In some lights the glitters look silver, in some rose gold, with little flickers off green and blue popping through.

This has the same easy to work with formula as before, again only needing two coats for full and even cover. 

I'm not really one for wearing polish on my toes, but how perfect will Dream Dust look on the toes?! Especially on your jolly holidays twinkling away under the sun whilst you've got your flip flops on! 

This Sparkle like a Unicorn duo is seriously one of the prettiest, girliest, magical collections ever created, and you will not be left disappointed with your purchase. As I mentioned before, I bought this on sale from my workplace, unfortunately because it was such a great price they have now all sold out, but you can still grab this magical duo direct from Nails Inc's website for £15.

Each bottle contains 14ml of product, so even though you'll be popping these on each and every manicure sesh, they will still last you a good long time. 

I think thats about covered everything, have you tried this duo? If not, what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx