Pamper Time feat. New Leighton Denny Rejuvenate Hand Mask

*Contains PR Products*

The week of Valentines Day the lovelies at Leighton Denny Expert Nails sent over a special, surprise parcel for me to play with. Inside was the new Rejuvanate Hand Mask, a bottle of Double Up (the 2 in 1 base and top coat), and a bottle of Plush Pink. Everything you could possibly need for the perfect pamper sesh for Valentines/Galentines Day.

Unfortunately I was a day late trying all these goodies out, but who cares - pamper time is welcome no matter what day it is!

I’ve been working on quite a lot of swatches and nail designs lately, so my hands and nails have been crying out for a bit of TLC. I took off all my polish, washed my hands, popped the Rejuvenate Hand Mask on, and after a good 15mins of messing about taking photos I finally settled down with my cup of tea and magazine, letting the mask get to work…

I have to admit that these gloves give me the same icky feeling as face sheet masks do, although the gloves are a lot more bearable - I don’t feel claustrophobic in them and even though you are limited to what you can do whilst wearing them, you can still use your phone or iPad and enjoy a cuppa cha.

It is recommended to wear these gloves for 20-30 mins, which may sound like a longish time but it honestly flies by and the benefits are so worth it.

The first thing you will notice about the mask is how gorgeous it smells - very fresh and clean. There is an inner layer to the gloves which you will need to separate before putting your hands in. These layers hold all of the important serum that is going to work to help hydrate, plump, revitalise, and nourish those cuticles, hands and nails. Note worthy ingredients include Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Honey and Macadamia Seed Oil.

As I had allowed myself the time, I kept the mask on for the full half hour, all the while flipping through my magazine, scrolling on Instagram and having a drink. I noticed an immediate improvement once the gloves were removed. My skin looked brighter, smoother and moisturised, they felt softer too. My cuticles were also lovely and soft, ready to be gently pushed back with my Leighton Denny rubber cuticle stick. Somehow my nails looked healthier too, they had a nice shine to them even though they were naked.

When you take off the gloves there will still be quite a bit of serum left over on the skin. I just massaged it up onto my arms and elbows - waste not, want not!

They are a one size fits all kind of deal, but provided within the pouch is a pair of handy stickers, which you can use to secure the gloves nicely around your wrists.

So, if you are a gardener, labourer, or even just suffer with dry hands/cuticles these are going to be amazing for you. Or perhaps you need to look after your hands and nails more than some because they are shown on the daily on your social medias - these are definitely worth investing in haha!

One mask costs £6.50, a much better price point than some rivalling brands I may add…

Of course now that we have beautiful hands and naked nails, we need to get them dressed quick smart.

Look how flip-flopping gorgeous Plush Pink is! I know, I know - I’m a sucker for pink, but you can’t deny how absolutely stunning this colour is! Anyone who has read my previous posts know that I tend to use Leighton Denny’s One For All as my base, but seeing as how they kindly sent me a bottle of Double Up, I used that instead.

After the base had sufficiently dried, I applied two coats of the pink, though to be honest you could easily get away with one generous coat. I decided against using the Double Up as a top coat too, I’m at work tomorrow and I’ll be feeling nervous about breaking nails if I don’t have my trusty Seche Vite shield on! However if you have strong nails, and don’t have a job that is quite mean to your nails, the Double Up will give you a beautiful glossy finish.

Both the Double Up and Plush Pink can be purchased for the regular price of £12 each, for 12ml of product.

This I believe concludes today’s post! I have tried out all of the wonderful LD goodies and my hands/nails feel well and truly pampered. Why not pop on over to the Leighton Denny website and have a little look at all of the wonderful goodies they have on offer, they have treatments, colours, tools, literally anything you could possibly need for the perfect manicure.

I hope that you have enjoyed the post, and thank you as always for reading

Love, Leanne Xx