One Night Stand by Models Own

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Oh my gosh, how exciting to receive this package in the post! I had already seen a couple of my Instagram friends showing this off though I'd only seen one swatch... I personally couldn't wait to try it out, so I popped it on the same day it arrived haha!

One Night Stand Models Own

What is it?

Well, it's something completely different to anything I've ever seen or heard of before, a mirror polish. We've all seen those powders that can give instant holo, mirror finish, chrome finish but never a polish, and it's not even a gel polish! No UV lamp required.

How to use

One Night Stand comes as a two part set, you get a milky polish which is used as both your base coat and top coat, and then you also get the mirror polish.

Base and Top Coat

First you apply the milky base coat and allow it to completely dry. The trick is to not be heavy handed with either of these polishes. Once the base is dry, apply a coat of your mirror polish. You literally only need one coat, the first swipe gives an instant mirror effect, you can see yourself painting haha! Again, allow this to completely dry. It's best not to rush the process, especially if you're a little messy, like me....

Once the mirror polish is dry add that same milky polish as your top coat...remember not to use too much! I went a little OTT the first attempt I made and clouded up that beautiful mirror effect. 

Silver Mirror

How long does it last?

This is quite simply a One Night Stand! It is not long/hard wearing at all, it's a fashion accessory that will finish off the perfect party outfit or even add some glamour for a girly day out shopping. Don't expect to put this on one day and it still be in perfect condition 24hrs later.

It advises on the packaging that the shine starts to dull after 6 hours wear... which I put to the test. I'm not at work this week, and after this was fully dry I went about my usual business at home. I did some work on the laptop, fed the fish, played with Bobbie (our pooch), did some washing, had a bath, boring little things that shouldn't put too much pressure on the longevity of wear. 

At 6 hours the polish still very much had the mirror effect with shine, though it had started to dull around the tip of the nails and also around the edges. At about 10 hours wear I started to notice tiny little lines appearing, mostly again on the tips of the nails. 

After a good nights sleep, upon waking, only the tiniest amount of mirror and shine is left, mostly nearer to the cuticle area. The tips had started to shrink back and those little lines had turned into big ones.

I put this polish to the test really to see if Models Own were just being modest about the 6 hour shine, but also because never before have I tried a polish like this.  

Price and Release date

This product is going to be £14.99 and will be available online from the 14th July, and in all UK stores from Thursday 20th July. 

I think that its a great price point, especially when you consider that its very unique and in my opinion, will be a very fast selling product. If you are a collector of Models Own polish too - it's one that cannot be missed out on!

Final thoughts

I can honestly say that One Night Stand has been so much fun to use, I love the mirror effect and how quickly and easily it is achieved, the packaging is super cool, what more can I say other than buy it! Don't miss out!

Even though this polish is one that wont last and last on the nails and is really only, like mentioned before, a fashion accessory in my eyes, I still really believe its worth it. It is the perfect finishing touch, and to be honest, I never really wear the same polish for more than a day anyway -- problems of a nail addict! 

Be prepared to stand out against the crowd and be the centre of attention as this is definitely a talking point amongst your nail and beauty addicts...

If I had to change one tiny teeny weeny little thing, it would be the mirror polish brush. It's flat, which is great, but square rather than rounded, which for a messy user like me can make application a touch tricky when trying to perfect near the cuticle area. This really is a tiny thing though, and if I can make it work...anyone can! And there is probably a technical reason as to why it's squared off that I'm just daft enough to have missed....


So what do you think everyone? Will you be queuing up Friday morning to grab your bottles? From all the interest my pic got on Instagram, I really do think this is going to fly off the shelves.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx