Ocean Vibes : The New Collection From Prism Polish

*Contains PR Products*

There are so many collections being released at the moment by some of my favourite brands, and I’m so excited to be able to share them with you. Today I’m going to be showing off the amazing new collection by Prism Polish, Ocean Vibes…

This collection was released on Saturday 1st June, so hopefully it hasn’t sold out by the time you’re reading this. As always with Prism Polishes, the formula, the colours, everything about them - is absolute perfection. It’s no secret that this is one of my top favourite indie brands and it’s such an honour to try these products out and show them off to you!

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Sea Anemone

This is a beautiful lilac with a pretty pearly green shimmer. It is also the charity polish of the month, with every £1 from its sales going to Sea Shepherd UK.

Kelp Forest

This is a stunning multi chrome super holo polish that shifts from blue-green-purple. So, so stunning.


Seafoam is another beautiful multi chrome that shifts from turquoise-pink-green-gold.

Sea Dragon

This is an incredibly unique polish that completely transforms from a bright and bold orange to a gorgeous grape shade in the sun! Unfortunately as I’ve been working on these swatches I haven’t seen much sun, but please pop on over to Prism Polish’s Instagram where you will find some beautiful transition shots from fellow swatchers. Be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram feed too as I am determined to grab the sun as soon as it reappears and capture the transition shots for myself.

Lure of the Deep

Lure of the Deep is a lush deep navy blue filled with pink-green-gold shifting shimmers. It’s also finished off perfectly with beautiful scattered holo glitters.


This is not actually a part of this collection, but instead its a new shade for the core creme line. It was very kindly sent over along with the other colours to act as a base for the next polish I have to share with you. I included it as its own separate swatch though as I love it, it’s a beautiful inky blue that looks gorgeous solo.


This is the final swatch I have for you today, and what a stunner to end on! Bioluminescence is a shifting micro topper. You will see hits of blue, purple, and pink. Look how it has completely transformed the look of Abyssopelagic.

The whole Ocean Vibes collection is beautiful, I love how Prism Polishes remain so undoubtedly unique and stand out from the crowd. Which is your favourite from this collection?

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx