Normal People Scare Me, by Prism Polish

*Contains PR Products*

I am so super excited to share with you four new polishes from Prism Polish which will be available to buy on the 1st October at 7pm. The ‘Normal people scare me’ collection has been inspired by the first season of American Horror Story, Murder House which I have no idea about because, well….I don’t do scary. I like to sleep thank you! Either way, this collection is absolutely stunning, something you can always expect from this mega indie brand.

There will be more polishes swatched by my fellow nail/art addicts, so keep watching out over on Instagram for more.

Let’s take a look shall we…

Normal People Scare Me

Lets kick off the post with this beautiful chocolate-y brown multi chrome that has flashes of red, orange and a lot of gold. This looks incredible in all lights and should definitely be on your Wishlist. Though I could say the same about all of the polishes I have to show you!

Normal People Scare Me is full and even colour in two easy coats, and dries to a super glossy finish. For all of the photos today, I haven’t used a top coat to show you just how perfectly glossy all of them are by themselves.

Where’s My Treat?



Transition stage

Transition stage



I’m mega giddy to see a thermal in this collection, I’m going to have so much fun doing some nail art with this. It is a tricolour thermal with red/green shifting shimmer flakes. It starts off as a tomato red/orange, but when your hands warm up, it turns a orange-y yellow.

It’s probably the least glossy polish out of the bunch, but as you can see it still has a high-shine finish. Again I only needed two coats for full opacity, although as the polish turns yellow, you can see my sneaky white nail tips!

Overall: LOVE!

You Don’t Want the Trick!

This is my ultimate favourite, and I know that its going to be a quick sell out. Suzie nailed it with this bad boy, how perfect is it for Halloween though?! A bright, neon orange with pink and purple flakes complete with a purple iridescent shimmer. It’s perfection in a bottle.

I Want to be a Pretty Girl!

Well where do I even start with this multi chrome beauty?! So many colours, so much sparkle and shimmer, and in only two coats. My camera was behaving itself here and was able to pick up the hints of green, purple, pink and gold.

The next two polishes I have to share with you are from the Core Collection…


Ardea is a gorgeous pale blue - grey that applies to the nail like a dream, a true creme polish.


Very much the same in terms of formula to Ardea, but this time a lush raspberry red colour.

All of these products have been to the same high standards that I always get from Prism Polish, Suzie sure knows how to keep her customers coming back for more! You will never be disappointed with a purchase from this high end indie brand, you have my word on that.

Thank you so much for reading, and remember to put a reminder in your diaries for the 1st October when these pretties go live.

Love, Leanne Xx