Nimy Nails Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Today I have yet another fabulous new indie brand to share with you! I'm a little late to the game with this one as I have been seeing some gorgeous swatches floating around the nail community, but I've been so busy with other little projects and this week has been my first chance to sit down and have a real play with these four stunning polishes. 

Nimy Nails hit the scene a couple of weeks - maybe even longer - ago, they are cruelty free and five free. They currently have one collection available, mostly consisting of pink shades, and as I'm typing this, they are all on offer at just £4.79.

From following them over on Instagram, I can see that they are currently working on a new collection which is very exciting! I can't wait to see what they bring out next. Check them out HERE so you can keep up to date with all the latest news and swatches...

So without further a do, let's dive in and take a closer look at these pretties...


Blissfully Unaware


Here is a soft, baby pink with a beautiful twinkly and pearly finish to it. I found Blissfully Unaware to be fully opaque in just two coats. You do get the most subtle brush strokes with this one, I actually like it and think it adds to the uniqueness of the product. However if you are not keen on this effect, the polish and brush work well together and I found that it can be easily manipulated with fewer strokes on application, working from the cuticle to the tip each time. 


I Have a Lucky Egg 


This is a slightly deeper shade of pink with the same pearly effect going on, only this time with added silver flakies. I Have a Lucky Egg also was fully and evenly opaque with just two coats. I love how sparkly and glittery this one is, it really is two of my favourite things in one - pink and sparkles! 


Happy in Pink


Happy in Pink is a completely different formula, and has a completely different finish to the previous two. This one is more like a jelly, it will need a quick and easy build up for full cover, though in saying that I managed to achieve this in two generous coats. Just make sure you allow each individual coat to dry first. If you have long nails (I recently chopped mine down a touch) you may find you need three coats to hide those cheeky tips. 

In addition to it's pretty pink jellyness, it also has tiny white glitters that scatter randomly over the nail. As you build your layers up, some of these white dots will fade under the pink, creating a very easy and simple jelly sandwich effect. I love it, and it's my favourite polish out of the four. 


We Three Kings


This is definitely a polish for the festive season, it is a rich gold - can I see a hint of green too? We Three Kings has a slightly foil/metallic finish with tiny red glitters that evenly scatter over the nail. It was fully opaque in one coat, but I'm wearing two for the photo - I think it's just out of habit! 

I would recommend a couple of layers of topcoat, just because I found either the polish or glitters to be quite thirsty, I'm actually wearing it now with only one coat of topper and I can still feel those tiny glitters. This is completely typical of a glitter polish, it's just the nature of the product, they like soak your topper right up! 


Final Thoughts

All in all I enjoyed each one of these polishes, but as mentioned above Happy in Pink is my most favourite. I think they are fairly priced at £5.99 each for 10ml, but like I say, they seem to be on offer at the moment so make sure you order your favourites fast! I think if you want your polishes to be delivered before Christmas, you need to have your orders placed by the 18th December. 

Which are your favourite colours from the collection? Did you treat yourself to any? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx