The New Platinum Collection by Kiki London

**As seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine!**

I have exciting news today guys, Kiki London have launched their hot new 'Platinum Collection', a selection of highly pigmented, sparkly glitters! I couldn't help myself, I bought all 10 shades ready to swatch and review as soon as they became available. If you're reading this today (Thursday 21st June), and you're interested in the collection, place your order quickly as the sale launch price finishes later tonight. 

I've noticed a couple of changes with this collection, firstly, the packaging looks so professional, I love the black bottles with holographic writing, its so fancy! Secondly they are bigger bottles, so the previous gels I've received from Kiki London only contained 7.3ml but these new gels contain 15ml of product. So you will notice a very slight increase in price, but remember you can still use my code (PolishedbyLeanne) to save 15%, and that includes sale prices too.  

Before I get into pricing, let's take a closer look at colour selection...


Halo Ring

This is a beautiful sterling silver that only requires two coats, in fact most of these gels only need two coats, some even only need one. The formula is slightly thicker for all of the shades, just because they are jam packed with those gorgeous glitters. Even though you will notice a thicker consistency, you'll still find that they are incredibly easy to work with, and don't look clumsy or gloopy at all on the nail. 


Golden Lab

Isn't it stunning? It doesn't matter what kind of lighting you are near, all of these polishes really pack a punch with the sparkles! 


Rose Gold

I feel like this is going to be one of the more popular colours out of the collection, just because Rose Gold has become a trend that isn't going out of fashion anytime soon. They've managed to combine the right amount of rosey-pink with silver, it's incredible, and definitely one of my favourites out of the ten.


Pink Diamond

Here's another favourite of mine, you might have guessed haha! I love anything pink! 


Modern Barbie

This is one of the gels that I believe you could get away with only one coat of, its so pigmented and tightly packed with all of those sparkles. It's one of the prettiest bright pinks I've ever come across. 


Angry Bird

I had such a giggle over the name of this gel, it's perfect! So fitting! The whole collection is going to be great for all occasions, all year round, but don't you just think that this would be the perfect gel for over the Christmas period?


Garden Mist

You guys know that green isn't one of my favourite shades to wear on the nails, but this is still super pretty, very fresh. 


Blue Wish

Blue Wish is another favourite of mine, and it's one that you could easily get away with only one coat of too. 


Frozen Blue

This one is almost on the verge of a stone grey shade, I absolutely love it! 


Lavender Haze

Lavender Haze is the last of the Platinum Collection that I have to show you, isn't it pretty? 


Overall the whole collection is a winner for me, you guys are going to love it! Let's talk prices...

You can choose to purchase the whole collection, this would cost £79.99 at full price which for 10 full size gels is incredible value, but as mentioned before if you are quick and grab it today, you can get all 10 for £49.99. (If you use my code it would actually be £67.99 whilst full price OR £42.49 whilst at sale price - bargain!)

Or, if you wish to buy individually, each gel will cost £9.99 at full price or £7.99 at sale price. (If you use my code it would become £8.49 whilst at full price, OR £6.79 whilst at sale price). 

CLICK HERE to be transported to the website! 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx