The New Nailtural Collection by Sensationail

*Contains PR Products*

I’m so excited to be sharing an exciting new range from Sensationail with you today. This collection contains 20 beautiful shades to choose from, all of which are composed of up to 85% bio-sourced ingredients such as potato, corn and wheat. These polishes are cruelty free and vegan friendly too.

Sensationail have been kind enough to send me a couple of these polishes as well as the Natural Cuticle Oil which we will be taking a look at in this post…

Lets start with the colours shall we?

Dynamic Daisy

This is totally my colour! I love a pink, especially a bright one like this. It applies nice and smooth, self-levelling, and it only took two coats for full and even cover. These polishes wear really well too, I had this on for a full week before it started to show signs of wear and tear, and this is only because of the nature of my work and gardening too.

The bottles are super cute too, there was a lot of comments over on Instagram about the wooden effect lids.

Dainty Dahlia

This is a lovely coral shade, but it did take three coats to build up to this amount of coverage, and I can still slightly see my white tips peeking through. It still looks really pretty, but just know that if you have a thing about still being able to see your tips through polish, you’ll need to build this up a little.

It has the same smooth formula as before, and great wear time too.

Natural Cuticle Oil

This cuticle oil has been enriched with Sweet Almond Extract designed to help nourish the nails and soften the cuticles. A healthy cuticle promotes a healthy nail, and this product will work to condition and revitalise all the while being lightweight and residue free.

Just like with the polishes, this oil is cruelty free and vegan friendly with a 10 free formula.

It comes with a brush which I love as it just makes for a super swift application - brush and go!

So those are the three new products that I have to show you guys today, what do you think? Will you be checking out this collection and treating yourself to some ‘green’ goodies?

I love the direction Sensationail are going in with these bio-sourced formulas, I hope to see many more brands head in the same direction.

Make sure you pop over to my Instagram feed to check out some fun designs that I’ve created using these colours, and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx