New from Cienna Rose Beauty

**contains PR products**

Today lets take a look at some new polishes from Cienna Rose, a brand whose products I highly recommend and love to use, take a look at my first experience with them HERE

Thank you to the very lovely Carla, the wonderfully talented genius behind the brand, for sending these pretties my way.


Pretty Please

This colour really stood out amongst the following polishes to me, it’s such a beautiful and bright shade of purple that will really get your nails noticed! I’m so happy to see such cheery colours making a comeback, it’s such a breathe of fresh air from the autumn/winter palettes we’ve worn to death lately.

As expected, the polish formula is of the highest quality, no patchiness, no streakiness, self-levelling magic that is fully opaque in two swift coats. Perfection. Under a bright daylight bulb this colour almost looks on the verge of being neon, but in true daylight it’s a bright, vibrant purple that really packs a punch! 

Pretty Please is £9 for 13ml


Rainbow Snow

I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this one...and I don’t, I love it! I’m not usually keen on my white tips peeking through polish, but this is one of the few exceptions. It just works somehow! 

Rainbow Snow is a milky cream base with magenta and turquoise multi-sized and shaped glitters randomly scattered throughout. I found that two coats were enough, there’s no need to keep building this one up, and if you try to, you’re going to cover up all of those pretty sparkly pops of colour. Its such a cheery polish, perfect for any celebrations you have coming up, or for if you’re just in a really great mood! 

This can be yours for £9 and whilst your adding this bad boy to your wish list/basket, check out its turquoise sister - Pump up the Volume 


Something Blue

What’s better than a icy cool blue polish? Well it’s an icy cool blue polish with iridescent blue-green shimmers of course! And that is exactly what you get with Something Blue. 

I love this colour so much, its definitely something special to add to any nail addict’s collection. I prefer this particular polish with three quick coats as it’s not quite as opaque as the others in this post, but it layers up perfectly and easily with no dragging, gloopiness or weight. 

Something Blue is also priced at £9


Big Spender

Here is another awesome polish with an equally awesome name. Big spenders have nails of gold you know! Well I may not be that much of a Big Spender, but I certainly have nails of gold now! Isn’t it a stunner?

A perfectly formed gold foil finish that only requires two coats for full, even cover. Under my bright daylight lamp this polish looks like pure yellow gold, bright and shimmery too. It looks just as glorious in natural lighting, maybe a little less yellow and a little more bronze. I enjoy seeing how certain polishes behave under different lightning, rest assured that no matter where you are and at what time of day, Big Spender is going to look nothing less than exquisite.

This polish can be yours for £9


Black Diamond

Here is the final swatch I have to show you, and it is a corker to finish on. Black Diamond is a dark chocolatey almost black polish with tones of bronze, red and gold bursting through. Its like looking far into the galaxy.

This photo shows two coats which is all it took for full opacity, and adding a topcoat really helps to enhance those glitters. 

Black Diamond can be yours for, yes you guessed it! £9.


I cannot recommend these products enough guys, you truly won't be disappointed. From packaging, to colour selection, to formula to customer service, Cienna Rose Beauty hits the nail on the head each and every time. 

Thank you so much for reading

Love, Leanne Xx