Namaste by Meebox

**contains PR products**


The lovely people over at Meebox have very kindly sent me the January box - Namaste edition. As always, this is an incredible selection of nail goodies, and what a wonderful treat to start the New Year off with.

Most of you will know, but for those who don't, Meebox is a monthly subscription box for nail polish/accessory addicts, it costs £20 per month and that includes postage. I have been really careless and lost the card that comes within telling you just how much the contents add up to - but we can add up as we go along eh?! What I can tell you to start off with, is that everything that comes in the box always adds up to way more than what you pay, the value for money is out of this world. 

As well as nail polishes (full-size nail polishes too) you get a variety of different treatments and/or accessories. 

Let's take a closer look at the Namaste box, starting with the polishes...


Zoya - Lake

This is a stunner isn't it? Such a pretty, pale, mint green, a colour I don't usually steer towards but I'm so glad it was included. That's the beauty of these subscription boxes, they give you the opportunity to try out things that you wouldn't normally, it's surprising just how many pretty polishes can escape you. Lake is a great example of that, I mean, it's just so pretty! 

This took two coats for a full and even colour. Lake by Zoya comes in a 15ml bottle and retails for £11.70. It is both cruelty free and vegan friendly - bonus!


Cuccio - Crush in Lake Como

Crush in Lake Como by Cuccio is simply beautiful, a very soft, romantic, pale nude-pink perfect creation. This would look amazing as a French Manicure, it can be built up like the photo above, or apply one thin coat over a white tip, or lace design as seen in my previous post

I used three coats to build up enough cover to disguise my cheeky nail tips, but to be honest, this is one of the rare occurrences where I feel it still looks pretty when you can see the natural nail beneath. It makes them look healthy too!

This polish comes in a 13ml bottle and looks to retail for £4.95 - an absolute bargain! 


Nailberry - Stone

Nailberry is a new brand to me, and I have to say that this polish has given me the best first experience with their products! Not only does it come in a component that uses my favourite type of applicator - a wide, flat brush - but it's also a one coater. Great stuff! This is a no fuss polish, so easy to apply, one swipe and you're out the door!

I adore this colour - gorgeous worn alone or with a bit of fancy nail art too. I think I'll have to discover more from this brand...

Stone comes in a 15ml bottle and can be bought for £13.50. As you can get away with one coat, this bottle will last and last.


Now that we have seen the colours this month, let's take a look at the treatments...

Leighton Denny - Hydra Flex Serum

You guys know by now just how much I love this brand, so you can imagine how over the moon I was to find this bottle nestled in amongst the other treats!

As well as producing some of the most incredible nail polishes, Leighton Denny Nails also offer amazing treatments and accessories. The Hydra Flex Serum is one of them. This product contains Vitamin H and Caffeine which work towards increasing blood circulation and the prevention of thinning nails. It has been designed to really hydrate the nails and treat poor, tired, brittle nails, so it is a little lifesaver for this time of year when it's so very cold and bitter outside! 

The serum comes in a pump bottle, add a dot to the cuticle area and gently massage in and over the nails too. It will create an invisible film over the nail surface to help lock in that moisture. I've had no issues what-so-ever adding polish over the top of this either, just make sure the nails are dry first. 

If you purchase this from the Leighton Denny website, it would cost you £12 for a 12ml bottle, though they do offer a trio which includes a polish remover and 'shield' for £23.50 as well. 

My nails and cuticles have been loving this product since the day it arrived - especially since they've been going through the ringer lately with some home improvements! I haven't had one break - yet! - knock on wood!


Cuccio - lemongrass and lavender butter

Oh my goodness - the lovelies at Meebox have well and truly spoilt us again haven't they! This butter is incredible, I'm hooked, and I can't stop using it! Not only does it smell amazing, but it leaves my hands feeling super soft and nourished, they look in way better condition too. I might just be imagining this - but I'm sure it feels quite cooling on the skin, very refreshing indeed. 

The lemongrass and lavender butter has been created for hands, feet and body, I imagine this will be lovely on the feet after a pedicure, and used in the Summer months would be incredibly cooling and soothing. 

I struggled to find a price on the website, but from shopping around a bit, this 42g tub costs around the £4.99 mark. It's available in other sizes too, but this one is perfect to keep in your bag, or on your desk. Another fabulous Cuccio product!


Soap Dodger - Cuticle balm

Here is another item that I was excited to see peaking out of the box! I love soap dodger products, I'm especially a fan of their foaming hand scrub tubs and bath bomb shots. 

This cuticle balm has been the perfect addition to this months Meebox, I've been using it every night before bed. I find that cuticle balms are best used on an evening so that they can thoroughly soak into the skin, but that's just my opinion haha! You guys use it how you wish, it's going to do an amazing job no matter what time of day it's applied. Even though it's classed as a cuticle balm, I enjoy warming it up ever so slightly with my hairdryer and using it on other dry areas such as knees and elbows. It works a treat!

It doesn't have an overpowering scent, but there is the slightest touch of lemon there. 

For a 20g tub, this balm would cost you £2.50 which I think is more than reasonable for this size as you will get many, many uses out of it. 


That is everything I have to share with you out of the Namaste Meebox. Hasn't it been an incredible selection? I've added up as I've gone along, and the products within add up to roughly £49.64. For £20 that is a super bargain! I apologise again for having lost the card that tells us exact prices etc, I'm not usually so careless! 



Guys! I'm a terrible blogger and completely missed out another item! I'm so sorry!

Also included in the Namaste box is the most cutest pair of rose gold nail scissors I've ever seen...

To buy these separately it would cost £7.50 from The Vintage Cosmetic Company, which brings the total amount of this months box up to roughly £57.14. 

Right! I think thats everything now haha! Sorry for the mishap everyone! 

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Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx