Models Own Celestial Collection

Here is part two of my Models Own Celestial review! This is completely focused on the five nail polishes within this collection. They are absolutely stunning, as I find most Models Own polishes are.

There is four pretty pastels with a pearly finish. Also, there is a shimmery gold/silver polish with a foil like finish. 

You can buy each colour individually for £4.99 each which I think is fantastic value for money. 


White Pearl


This is so pretty, I think it would make a perfect polish for a wedding. Also, it would be great as a base for a nail design. The pearly finish really does soften the brightness of the white, though if you're not keen on seeing brush strokes, these may not be for you...

As with all polishes in this collection, you will only need two coats for full, even cover. They come with a flat round brush applicator, which I love, it really makes for an easy, no mess, quick application. 


Sweet Peach


Sweet Peach is so pretty, and would look great with a tan or darker skin tone, though I have to admit it looks pretty cute next to my pasty skin tone! 

These are all hypergels too, which means they dry to a full gloss finish, so if you're rushing out of the door, you can get away with no topcoat, in fact all photos shown I'm not wearing a topcoat. 


Love Pink


What would a collection be without a pink?! I'm a pink polish hoarder, and this sits perfectly with the rest of my pink pretties. 

It's very sweet, very cute, and I shall get a lot of wear out of this.  

I'm trying not to repeat myself too much, but rest assured, this too has the same wonderful formula and finish.


Lilac Mood


Along with the pink, this is another favourite of mine out of the five. I love how it almost has a silver (non-glittery) shimmer running through it. 

All of these polishes really are the perfect fit for summer.




This little beauty stands out from the previous four, in a good way! If pastels aren't really your thing, this one is for you. You cant see brush strokes with this one either, and if you prefer a completely smooth glossy finish, just pop a topcoat on over it. 


You can have so much fun with this collection, I created this design already...



I have more ideas in mind too, so find me on Instagram for more upcoming designs...

Shop the celestial collection HERE and read my previous review of the celestial make up HERE

Thank you as always for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx