Main Stage by Meebox

**Contains PR products**

Wow! It feels so long since I last since sat down at this keyboard. Life has been very busy and exciting over the last couple of weeks, if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you will know what I mean, but I'm back and ready to keep to my blog schedule.

I'm jumping straight back in with a review that I always look forward to doing - the latest Meebox. This month is all about taking the main stage, getting festival ready and making the most of this heatwave.

With products from Floss Gloss, Models Own, Color Club, Leighton Denny and Charlies Nail Art, I knew it was going to be another corker of a collection...

Todays post is sticking to the swatches, I will pop another post out next week with the corresponding nail art designs that I come up with, but find me over on Instagram if you want to be the first to see!


Floss Gloss - Con Limon

Con Limon is a vibrant, neon yellow that is perfect for the theme of this months box, but also for summer. I was blown away by this beautiful colour, though would recommend up to three generous coats (let each dry before adding the next!) for full, even cover.

It dries down to a semi-shine finish, so adding a nice glossy topcoat is a personal must!

To purchase this individually, it would cost £7. 


Models Own - Chrome Silver

The Chrome Collection by Models Own has been hugely popular in the nail community for quite a while now, they have an array of different colours with this chrome metal finish. Meebox has provided us with probably one of my favourite colours out of the selection available - Chrome Silver. 

The swatch shows two coats, though you could easily get away with one. I like to try and use the most minimal brush strokes for the least amount of lines. Make sure your polish is completely dry before adding a topcoat, especially a quick dry, as it could ruin the effect of the silver chrome. 

I recently used this for some nail art which you can find here

To purchase this separately it would cost £4.99.


Color Club - Right On

Matte - no topcoat

Matte - no topcoat

Glossy topcoat

Glossy topcoat

Last but certainly not least is this stunner by Color Club! It is my most favourite colour out of the Main Stage Meebox, and my most favourite formula too. I've taken two swatch photos for you with this one as it does dry down to a beautiful semi-matte finish, but looks equally as gorgeous with a glossy topcoat too. 

It is a vibrant, rich magenta with a blue-violet iridescent shimmer. It is high in pigment, only needs two coats for perfection, I love it. 

To purchase this separately it would cost £6.50.


Also included in this months Meebox is some silver caviar beads by Charlies Nail Art (which I will be doing a dedicated post to soon), and the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist for quick dry. The box in total comes to a RRP of £31.40, for which you will only have paid £20 (including p&p)...bargain!

Make sure you are subscribed to Meebox for your monthly selection of nail and nail art goodies!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx