The Look Book by Meebox

**Contains PR products**

As you may or may not know I have had the honour of being chosen as one of the new Meebox ambassadors which is very exciting for me, but it also means that for the next six months I get to show you more of their wonderful subscription boxes! I'm so giddy to be showing you products from a brand that I truly love, and know that you guys will love too.

This month Meebox have teamed up with the very talented Metta Francis, who is a multi award winning London based nail technician, and have taken inspiration from London Fashion Week to pull together all the pretties I'm about to show you. 

All of the items that we are about to take a look at all add up to £46.33 (I was very good this time and made sure I didn't lose my info card!) which is fantastic value when you consider that a months subscription costs you only £20 including p&p. 

Anyway, enough babbling, lets take a closer look into the box...


Lets go Party - NCLA

Oh my goodness, this really is perfection in a bottle! I am definitely uncomfortable when working with glitter polishes but not with this bad boy, you can apply it like a normal nail polish - no sponging technique required! Photo shows three coats and one topcoat. 

I cannot believe how easy Lets go Party was to work with, you can build up the coats without it looking too thick and chunky, and you only need one generous layer of topcoat to lock it all in.

The 13.3ml bottle is full to the brim of twinkly, sparkly purple and silver glitters that look equally amazing under a bright light or indeed in natural daylight too.  

NCLA's products are 7 free, cruelty free and 100% vegan. They create top notch polishes, nail wraps and treatments. Lets go Party is not yet available in the UK, but its worth £11. So there's another reason to get signed up to Meebox, you will be getting first dibs at beautiful polishes not yet accessible to others in the UK. I believe that a new NCLA polish will be added into each months box, which I'm very happy about!


Ball Gown - IZ Beauty London

One of the things that I really love about Meebox is how they seem to introduce me to new and exciting brands every month. IZ Beauty London is one of them, so I was really looking forward to trying out this polish. 

Ball Gown is a pearly/chrome pinky nude. It was full cover in just one coat, though I did add a second as I didn't like how the brush strokes looked on my first application. As with any chrome polish, this did seem to like hugging the tiny flaws and scratches on my nails, but to be honest I kind of like that with this type of finish, it adds to the overall effect! I also popped on a topcoat to add that high gloss finish, but it would look just as beautiful with a matte topper. Also worth mentioning is the round edged flat brush applicator that comes with this component, it really does make for a quick and easy application. 

To buy this polish direct from IZ Beauty London it would cost you £6 for a 6ml bottle. 


Pool Party - Annika Nail Colour

Isn't this just such a beautiful and bright shade of blue? Makes me wish all this snow had disappeared and we skipped straight to Summer. 

I found Pool Party looked at its best with three coats as it was still a little patchy with just two coats, but it built up really well with no gloopiness or heaviness. It dries to a smooth and glossy finish.

Purchased separately, Pool Party would cost £8.90 for 11ml and can be found online at Edge Nails.


Naomi and Claudia glitters - Meebox Squad Collection

I was both really excited and terrified to see these pots of glitter in the box! I love glitter, I love how it looks on the nails, I love how all the more creative people can whip up fun designs using them, and most of all I love the sparkle. But I admit, I am absolutely terrible at working with glitters, I make such a mess both on and off the nails! 

I tried three different manis using these glitters, and when the third one failed me, I decided to admit defeat and cheat by using the swatch sticks provided in the box to show you just how beautiful these glitters are. For those of you who have more patience and/or skill, you are going to love these! 

The gorgeous dark navy glitter is called Naomi, and the stunning bright coral and gold glitter is called Claudia. They are both exclusive to Meebox and are worth £5.95 each. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the designs Meebox subscribers come up with using these pretties. 


Raspberry and Grape Scented Nail Polish Remover - Meebox

This, along with the NCLA polish, is my favourite part of this months Meebox. I love how it smells! It removes nail polish efficiently and leaves your fingers smelling like grapes, rather than that awful strong chemical smell that most removers have. 

It is acetone free too, so it won't strip your beautiful nails down. This is another Meebox exclusive, and for 50ml it is worth £3.50. I sent them a message immediately after using it for the first time asking if it was possible to buy more of it -- and they told me that it will be available to purchase from their website soon, so keep an eye out! I for one will definitely be stocking up on it.


So that is everything from the Look Book edition, and I have to say it has been another fabulous selection of nail goodies, they do an amazing job each and every month. If you fancy signing up to receive your very own Meeboxes, CLICK HERE and why not follow them over on Instagram too...

Thank you so much for reading

Love, Leanne Xx