Leighton Denny Easy Peel Base Coat

Technically this isn’t a swatching post, but bear with me…

I’ve recently been approaching the end of my UNT peel off base coat, and although I’ve been more than happy with it, (I was late to the game - but it’s a swatcher’s dream come true), I was tempted by a similar product by my favourite brand of all time, Leighton Denny.

Leighton Denny sell a peel off base coat ‘Easy Peel’ that promises a fuss free removal, especially with glitter polishes. This one is also supposed to protect your nails from staining when using dark colours, something I haven’t put to the test just yet.

You use it in the same way as the UNT, apply two coats and allow to dry. The Easy Peel actually applies milky, then when it’s dry it goes transparent telling you it’s time to get painting. When it comes to removing, gently push at the edges of the nail and the polish comes away safely from the nail beneath.

I have to say that I found it to work perfectly, of course, I expect nothing less from the Leighton Denny range! I always add a cuticle oil before going in and peeling back the polish, it’s not advised, it’s just one of those habits that I’ve fallen into.

How does the Easy Peel compare to UNT?

Well, this is tricky haha! They both work exactly the same for me, neither one works better than the other. The only difference with application is that the Easy Peel has the milky to transparent feature to show when it’s fully dry.

Price wise - the Easy Peel is £12 for 12ml of product which is the typical amount of size and price for Leighton Denny products. The UNT is £8.50 but can only be purchased online with a minimum p&p of £3.50 bringing it to the same price. The difference here is that the UNT has 15ml of product, so you get 3ml more for the same price.

Not that you will be sticking your nose into the bottle, but the Easy Peel smells more pleasant on application than the UNT which is quite a strong chemical scent, not unbearable, but worth noting.

The last point to make is that the Easy Peel contains Tocopherol which we all know to be the most important Vitamin E. Without going into too much detail, Vitamin E helps to strengthen and protect nails to encourage healthy growth.

In my opinion, although the UNT works just as great as the Easy Peel, it has been created purely for the job of easy polish removal. The Easy Peel has been created for the same reason, but with the added benefits of helping the health of your nails.

I hope that this post has been useful for you! I think that going forward I will continue to purchase the Leighton Denny Easy Peel, it’s easier for me to get as we sell it at work, not only that but I’m all about helping the health of my nails. Not only that, but I am pretty biased in the sense that the Leighton Denny brand is my fave brand haha!

What Peel Off base coat do you use? Are you new to the idea? Let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx