Leighton Denny Mini Haul : Black Friday Deals

I didn't go crazy for the Black Friday sales, but I did decide to treat myself to a few goodies from my fave, Leighton Denny nails. I mean, how could I resist? Everything seemed to be on offer on the website, and I had a hard time not adding everything to the basket! However, I reigned myself in, back to reality, and chose a handful of pretties to play with.

Remove and Go nail polish remover pots

I've had my eyes on these scented polish remover pots for a little while now, so the offers gave me the perfect opportunity to try them out. I added both Vanilla Spice and Salted Caramel to the order. 

These types of polish remover are so handy, and so easy to use, you literally just pop each finger into the pot and twist. Voila! Your polish has been removed. I also like to use these to clean my nail art brushes, though I would recommend keeping a separate pot aside to do this with. 

Out of the two scents I chose, Vanilla Spice has to be my favourite. It has more of a kick to it whereas the Salted Caramel is more delicate. They are both true to their names though, I need to get my hands on the Mango version too now! 

The Remove and Go pots are acetone free and contain Vitamin E as well as Provitamin B5 which work to protect and condition the nails. 

These 60ml pots would normally cost you £6, but in the offer I picked them up for £4.20 each. Bargain! 


11th Hour

Of course I had to add a couple of polishes to my order too...11th Hour really popped out of the page, it's such a dazzling blue-green, very eye-catching and is a wonderful addition to my LD collection. 

As with all polishes from this brand, it is of the highest quality and is fully opaque in two coats. I like how it has a slightly metallic feel to it, it looks like it has a bit of texture but it's completely smooth. The colour really gives me ocean/mermaid-y vibes, what do you think? 

Normally a Leighton Denny polish would cost you £12 for a 12ml bottle, but with the offer I only paid £8.40. 


Let's Get Away

This is another polish that grabbed my attention as I was scrolling..it just looked so sparkly, it definitely appealed to my inner magpie! 

This is a pure glitter polish, which I don't normally gravitate towards, but just look at it! I love how those blue-purple fine, tiny glitters twinkle away with the pop of larger pink glitters scattered here and there. 

For this polish I tried to build it up carefully as I'm not a fan of nail showing through. For this reason I applied three very thin layers until satisfied. This could easily be used as a topper too, just using one thin coat. It would look great with a bright pink underneath, in fact I may have to give that a go! 

Again, this would normally retail for £12, but I got it at the super bargain price of £8.40. As I'm typing this it looks like Lets Get Away may have sold out as I'm having trouble finding it on the website, but there are lot's of other sparkly polishes to choose from still. 


What do you think of my mini haul? Did you treat yourself to any Black Friday deals?

Thank you for reading

Love, Leanne Xx