Rainbow Holographic Unicorn Powder by Beauty Big Bang

**Contains PR Products**

A little while back I treat myself to some stamping plates by Beauty Big Bangs, and after being completely won over by products, prices and service I decided to reach out to them and see if I could collaborate with them. 

I was over the moon when they agreed! I was given an amount to spend in their shop, and amongst a few other goodies that will be shared with you over the coming weeks, I ordered this Rainbow Holographic Unicorn Powder

I'd seen so many of my fellow nail enthusiasts using these kind of powders that you buff into the nail, but admittedly, I'm late to the game. I was excited to try out a new technique on the nails! 

The box of holographic pigment comes with two little applicators, which I was grateful for as I didn't have any. It is so easy to use, but here is my mini step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1 - Apply your chosen base coat (I always use my UNT peel off base coat when using a gel polish) and allow to dry

Step 2 - Apply one generous coat of black polish and allow to dry. Make sure you are using a highly pigmented black polish.

Step 3 - Pop on a clear gel topcoat, and cure under a lamp for a minute. I use Kiki London's gel topcoat and lamp (Use my code PolishedbyLeanne to save 15% off all Kiki London shopping)

Beauty Big Bang

Step 4 - Gently pick up some of the holographic powder on one of the applicators, and gently buff over the nails

Step 5 - Once you are happy that you've covered all of the black underneath with the powder, apply another layer of gel topcoat and cure under the lamp for another minute

Step 6 - Wash hands to remove any loose powder around the cuticles, and admire your holo-tactic nails! 

What do you think? Not bad for a first try eh? I think next time I would repeat the last few steps to really make sure I'd completely covered the black base, but other than that I'm over the moon with how they turned out. Even my camera had trouble focusing, so much holo!

I absolutely love this holographic powder, it makes the nails look so sparkly, and the rainbow effect is just mesmerising. It looks so professional (if I do say so myself!) but would cost the fraction of the price that a nail salon would charge. This product is currently priced at £3.46, an incredible steal. 

You can use my code LEANNE to save 10% off all of your Beauty Big Bang shopping. They have worldwide shipping, and you can use the following links to their products:

- www.beautybigbang.com

- us.beautybigbang.com

- beautybigbang.aliexpress.com

You can also follow them over on Facebook and Instagram


Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx