Holo Wonderland by Meebox

**Contains PR products**


Hey everyone! Did you all have a fab Christmas? This year I get a pretty decent break to say I work in retail and thought I would take the opportunity to sit down and tell you about this fantastic box that Meebox sent me last week. 

This box was made with the festive season in mind and is packed to the brim of all things sparkly and holo. I particularly loved this edition as it included a lot of brands that I've never tried before, brands that I've heard of but never got round to buying. 

The lovely people at Meebox have definitely spoilt subscribers as the recommended retail price of this months goodies total at £42.58 when all the box cost you is £20, and that includes p&p! Amazing value!

Lets go ahead and take a closer look at what we received this month...


Prism Polish - Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

Prism Polish - Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty

I have had the pleasure of working with Prism Polish before and know just how amazing the quality of their products are. This particular polish is no exception, perfection in colour, perfection in holo sparkles, and of course perfection in formula. AND to top it all off, Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty is exclusive to the Meebox, so its a limited edition too! 

This is a lush, deep blue that reminds me of a dark starry night's sky. The photo shows two coats for full opacity, it is self-levelling which means no dreaded patchiness or streakiness, I also popped on my trusty Seche over top to really bring out the twinkles. 


A-England - Carnation Lily Lily Rose

A-England - Carnation Lily Lily Rose

This is a brand that I have seen around Instagram, and it seems to me like they are masters of the holo! I was beyond giddy to receive this polish in the box. 

Carnation Lily Lily Rose is such a cute name, but is also one of the most perfect pure holo polishes I've ever used. It has full and even cover in just two coats, no sponging technique required! No mess, no fuss. It also dries completely smooth as the holo used is so tiny and finely milled, and this can be said for all of the featured polishes. To buy this individually it would cost you £11 and you can grab your bottle HERE

In all of these photos you may notice that I've gone a little crazy with the cuticle oil...but you'll understand why later...


Color Club - Cosmic Fate

Color Club - Cosmic Fate

Here is another brand I am familiar with but have never actually tried before. Cosmic Fate is a golden orange filled with beautiful holo sparkles. Again, this polish only needed two coats for full and even colour.  

To buy this individually it would cost £9.99, but as I type this it seems as though it has sold out...I'm not surprised - it's gorgeous! If you want to keep checking back for when it becomes available - please save THIS LINK


NAF - Cuticle oil

Naf cuticle oil pen - Cinnamon Apple

I believe that Naf Salon is based up in Glasgow, and these products are made by them. When looking on the website it seems that these cuticle oil pens come in a few different scents which is great - something for everyone! They also sell a variety of nailcals, soak off kits, pins and apparel. If you would like to go and have a nosey, please click HERE.

Anyway, back to the cuticle oil pen! The scent provided in this box is Cinnamon Apple, and oh my gosh it's beaut! Not only does it smell incredible, but it has been really taking care of my poor dry cuticles. They really suffer at this time of year when the weathers colder, but also when I tend to work daft shifts moving stock and equipment, this really takes its toll on my hands. 

This pen has been used constantly, and its so handy to pop in your bag too. Ingredients include jojoba oil and Vitamin E extract, it comes with a handy brush applicator, and you get 4.5ml worth of product for £6. This particular scent is sold out...but I have my eye on the Cherry Pie option....


Naio Nails - Cracked Ice Mylar in Snowflake

Naio Nails - cracked ice mylar snowflake

I have to admit guys that I tend to stay clear of nail artsy things like this - just because I don't have a clue what to do with it haha! I love the idea - I love how it looks when I've seen more talented peeps use it, but I struggled. I tried it and failed, its a nail fail! 

Naio nails - cracked ice nails

In the photo it perhaps doesn't look too bad, but I'm not fond of texture on the nail and I really struggled to get this smooth. However, one of those talented peeps I mentioned earlier left me a lovely comment on my Instagram post advising to try out a sticky yellow stopper.. so watch this space, I will be trying it again! 

I love the effect of having a dark black base, the colours really do pop and come to life. If you bob on over to their website, you will see that they actually sell this cracked ice mylar in all sorts of different colours...along with many other nail artist goodies. This tub would cost you the mere price of £1.09, which sounds like a bargain to me. Cheap enough to keep trying and finally master the technique haha! 


Charlie's Nail Art - 3mm AB rhinestones

Charlies nail art - Ab rhinestones

I am so excited to see this brand in the box - Charlies nail art is your one stop shop for so many different nail accessories and at fab prices too. These aurora borealis rhinestones are so sparkly and easy to use, I cant wait to create a look with them.. keep an eye out over on Instagram and Facebook for when I do.


Caution Vinyls - Snowflake vinyls

Caution Vinyls - snowflake vinyls

This is another brand that I am new to, I've been and had a nosey in the Etsy shop, and they do so many different vinyl designs! I love how you can use them as both stickers and stencils too. Check the shop out HERE


So there we have it! What a wonderful selection of goodies Meebox pulled together for everyone this month. If you haven't already signed up, make sure you do when they re-open soon! 

Thank you to Meebox for sending me this amazing collection, and thank you to you guys for reading!

Love, Leanne Xx