The Heritage Collection by Leighton Denny

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I am over the moon to be sharing these swatches and my review with you as this collection by Leighton Denny has to be one of my favourites yet, and it probably will be yours too...



The Heritage Collection 

'This collection presents colours that are muted and rich with a modern touch of luxury, complimenting each other perfectly wit classic rich shades that reflect the sophisticated wilderness of the great British outdoors.

Grace your nails with stylish soft colours inspired by the beauty and tradition of the British countryside' -Leighton Denny Nails

I love that this collection has taken inspiration from the Great British outdoors and countryside, and they have captured it so well with these beautiful colours, luxurious is definitely the word that stands out the most to me.

These colours will never go out of style, they are a must in any true nail addicts collection, and even more so if you're a fellow Leighton Denny collector. 

The Heritage Collection consists of polishes that will see you through autumn to winter, bonfire night to Christmas Day right through to New Years! There's a colour for each occasion and all the days in between. 

Lets dive in and explore more!


Country Club


Have you ever seen such a gorgeous shade of blue though?! Very nice indeed.

The first thing I noticed about Country Club other than the beautiful shade of blue, was the formula. It absolutely blew me away. Leighton Denny polishes, in my eyes, have always been of the highest quality anyway, but there seemed to be something a little different about this one. It almost had the feel of a gel consistency, thick but not too thick making it incredibly easy to work with, opaque in one swift coat, along with the highest glossiest finish yet. 

I can be quite messy with darker polishes, and cleanup around the cuticles can be a bit of a nightmare, but I happily had no issues with Country Club, no staining, no problem! 

'Treat yourself to a V.I.P treatment and join the most exclusive country club around' - Leighton Denny Nails

Country Club£12


Take Your Wellies


Take your Wellies has the same perfect formula as the previous, perhaps a little creamier, and equally beautiful in colour. I love a good brown, neutral shade, and this is the perfect addition to mine ... and your ... collection. I can guarantee that you wont have a shade like this, it's quite cool toned, maybe with a touch of grey about it. Or maybe that's just my eyes playing tricks on me! Whatever it may be, there's no denying that you will love Take your Wellies, and take great pleasure in getting plenty of wear out of it. 

'While the rain patters outside, the day is just getting started, don't forget to take your wellies!' - Leighton Denny Nails

Take your Wellies£12


Tea For Two


If you enjoy a pale, soft nude polish to team up with your everyday look, something that will work with any and every outfit, day or night, this is the one for you. So easy to wear, you can't go wrong. Although released as part of an autumn/winter collection, I do believe that this would easily carry on through to spring and summer, and even better as a palette cleanser when transitioning from brighter, bolder colours. 

I have many nude polishes from Leighton Denny and it amazes me as to how different they each are, Tea for Two is no exception. There is nothing like it in my collection. I love how it has the subtlest touch of pink, which is very flattering against pale skin such as mine. 

The formula to this polish was probably the thinnest of the Heritage Collection. This isn't a bad thing at all, but unlike the other darker colours, you won't get away with just one coat, two coats is perfection. When I say thinnest, that doesn't mean it's watery and difficult to build, not at all, but you can tell a difference during application, and it's worth noting that it is still an easy formula to work with and dries to the same glossy finish. 

 Also, a cheeky side note, if you are prone to using a certain Seche topcoat, make sure you wait a little for Tea for Two to dry first (which we should really do anyway but I can be a bit impatient haha!) as the Seche will wrinkle the pretty colour beneath. Not a good look. 

I'm really looking forward to using this polish as a base colour for some nail art, make sure you're following me on Instagram to see any designs I come up with...

'Lay out your best crockery for an afternoon of laughter shared over a tea for two' - Leighton Denny Nails

Tea for Two£12


Rural Sunset


If you enjoy a slighter darker toned nude, look no further than Rural Sunset. Find a touch of peach here, still as flattering, and still as gorgeous as the last. 

The formula to this one thickens up a bit, I really do enjoy a thicker, creamy formula - can you tell? So easy to work with, effortless, again I would recommend two coats for full cover but that's because I'm not a fan of white tips peeking though. As with the whole collection, upon drying you are left with the highest of glossiest finishes, so if you really are in a hurry and rushing out of the door, you can get away with no topcoat. 

'Take a peek at the sunshine as it shines through the gaps of the old oak tree' - Leighton Denny Nails

Rural Sunset£12


Winter Garden


These last two swatches I have to show you are my two most favourites from the Heritage Collection. 

This colour is so, so lush, very rich in pigment. Winter Garden is a true autumn into winter colour and will compliment your wardrobe perfectly. 

If you like a good berry colour, I'd make your purchase now before they all go, my bet is that this bad boy is going to be a top seller!

'Welcome to winter wonderland, a garden of frosted floral decadence with scents of rose and lavender' - Leighton Denny Nails

Winter Garden£12


Pretty in Plaid


Look at that sparkle, isn't it pretty? This is the only glitter polish of the collection, and its another must have!

When I first saw the bottle I thought that the glitters were quite big and were going to be chunky, giving texture to the finished look. However, as I applied Pretty in Plaid I noticed how smooth it was and the glitters weren't chunky at all, they are perfect! They layer up beautifully, add extra depth to your manicure and when the light hits your! Twinkle - twinkle! It dries down super smooth, no texture, great! I'm not a huge fan of chunky glitters, so this is right up my street. 

Pretty in Plaid will be my polish of choice for Christmas day, it just screams Christmas haha! This will be the colour you grab for all the seasonal parties, its a showstopper without a doubt. 

'Stay classy and stylish while you wander the mysterious English countryside, prepped in classic pretty Plaid' - Leighton Denny Nails

Pretty in Plaid£12


Final Thoughts

Well, what a fantastic group of polishes! There's not a colour I don't like, they are all stunning and well worth investing in. The Heritage Collection really does boast elegance, style, and luxury, and I'd expect nothing less from this brand. 

Which is your favourite colour? Will you be treating yourself? Let me know, and tag me in your posts I'd love to see these on your nails! 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx