Dragon Dreads Nail Polish Launch

We have another new indie maker hitting the nail and beauty community, going by the name of Dragon Dreads. I love to see new brands popping up, and I can already tell that this particular one is going to be a huge hit.

Sally who is the creator, very Kindly sent me 4 polishes to swatch and try out for you guys, they are all amazeballs and you're all going to love them too!

Let's dive straight in...


Space and Time

I had to kick off this post with my favourite out of the four! Space and Time is a lush, deep and dark navy blue. I chose to use three coats, but you could easily get away with two generous coats for full and even cover. 


Steampunk Dreams

This is my next favourite colour, its a rich and shifty copper that has cheeky glints of amber and red as the light hits it. Again I chose to use three coats, but two would do! As with the previous polish, you can see where the brush strokes are, I actually really like this effect for this type of polish, it doesn't take over the overall look, just adds a little depth and interest. 


Teal Die For

Here is a beautiful teal blue with cheeky pops of blue/green glitters. I used three coats of Teal Die For, which I would definitely recommend along with a topcoat to get the very best out of the product. It is such a vibrant and rich colour that will get those fingers noticed!


Rose Gold

Although a very pretty colour, I think this one is my least favourite of the four. This is down to my obsession with being able to see my nail tips peeking through the polish. Even with three coats they were sneaking through... 

However, if you are more normal than me, and it doesn't take much haha! You will love this. Rose Gold reminds me of a sea shell, a peachy pink with blue/green iridescent shimmer coming through. Very unique, it will be hard to find another polish like this bad boy.


Overall, all polishes seem to have a high quality feel, beautiful colours and consistency in formula. I experienced no staining with the darker colours which is a bonus. I highly recommend picking these pretties up when the Dragon Dreads shop opens on Monday 23rd April, and be speedy about it as I don't think they'll be around for long - instant sellout! Make sure you find them over on Instagram too for any other news...

Thank you Sally for sending me these to try out, and I wish you all the luck with your upcoming launch!

Love, Leanne Xx