Donuts by Meebox

**contains PR products**

Today I will be sharing my review of the Donuts edition Meebox, now as a Meebox Ambassador I am very grateful to receive these products in exchange for swatches and review, but I have to be honest in that as much as I loved certain parts of this box and the whole concept, I did hit a few tiny bumps in the road... 

Let's dive straight in

Deco Miami - Cake

Without topcoat - Matte

Without topcoat - Matte

With topcoat - Glossy

With topcoat - Glossy

Cake is my first experience with Deco Miami, and I really do love the colour! Its pastel yet neon, it's pretty in it's natural matte state but also with a glossy topcoat, it also makes me look more tan than normal, is where I hit the first bump in the road...

It took three coats to get the polish to look full cover, with no streakiness, and I think this is down to the brush. As the brush applicator is quite short, it means the brush doesn't have a lot of flex. This made the first two applications go on fairly scratchy and left streaks/brush marks even though the pressure I was using was relaxed. Matte formulas (in my experience anyway!) tend to make any imperfections more noticeable too, so take your time with this one, allow each coat to dry, build up until you are satisfied with the result. 

This is a 6ml bottle worth £6 when purchased individually.


Little Ondine - Ripple

Here is another bright, fresh and beautiful colour to get your nails ready for Summer! Little Ondine has been on my radar for a while, but again this is my first experience with the brand. 

I struggled to open the bottle as some of the polish had made its may into the lid and dried, but a quick wipe round the top with some remover soon sorted the problem out! This took two coats for full and even colour, and it dries to a glossy finish.

When trying to tidy up around the cuticles (as I failed to stay between the lines), I found that it was a little more difficult to remove than normal, it seemed to ball up and stick almost like a glue would. This could be down to the fact that this polish is described online to be an easily peel off formula, I will have to try this out for myself! I didn't know this to begin with. Little Ondine polishes are made with some natural ingredients and are also quick drying. 

To be purchased separately it would cost you £11 for 10.5ml


Kure Bazaar - Cappuccino

Cappuccino is my favourite polish out of this months Meebox, and again its the first time I've tried this brand, or in fact the first time I've ever heard of it! I love making these discoveries with Meebox. 

It is a creamy formula which I found to be full cover with three coats with no patchiness or streakiness. You can build up the intensity according to the website - so one coat would be sheer and up to five coats would be fully opaque. I love the colour, very soft and easy to wear no matter the occasion. 

This polish is another that uses mainly natural ingredients, 90% to be precise and it dries to a smooth and glossy finish.

To purchase this individually it would cost you £15 for 10ml, so definitely pricey, but in my opinion, worth it! 


NCLA - Donut Nail Wraps

Me and nail wraps just don't gel, I can never get the right fit and when I try to gently stretch over the nail I just end up making a mess. It's no fault of the product, just user error! 

In any case, I love the design, they are very pretty, very girly, and how handy that they come with a nail file too so you can perfect the edges easily. 

For those of you who are more capable of using nail wraps, these would cost you £11.95.


Also included in the Donut Meebox was the Colour Club Art Club nail pen in white which would cost £4.50 individually and some cute yellow nail pearls by Miss Cat Nails worth £1.99. This means that this months box is worth over £55 and you only pay £20, such incredible value for money. 

There will be another post going up this week featuring the nail design I created using these products, so keep an eye out...

Did you get your donut box? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx