Coze Nail Polish


**contains PR products**

Today I have three swatches of some beautiful polishes that are due to be released on the 29th September by a new indie brand, Coze Nail Polish. I recently discovered Coze products through Instagram, I hit the link in their bio and was amazed by the huge selection of such pretty polishes AND they were on sale! I went a little giddy and added all available polishes to my basket. They arrived super quickly and I have to say they all look even more stunning when right in front of you! 

I sent the lovely owner a quick message asking if she was a new indie as I was shocked and quite frankly appalled that I'd not come across her work until now. She was so nice and explained that yes she is really quite new to the scene. I'm excited for the new Autumn collection because the sneaky peeks on the Instagram page look amazeballs! Have you taken a look yet?

Anyway, let's get on with these swatches, no more babbling Leanne!




Wow! What a way to break into this trio! Pumpkin is a jelly formula that dries nice and quick so you can build it up in quick succession. It has lots of true holo glitters that twinkle away and bring the polish to life. The orange is so bright and beautiful, it is going to be the one to go for for any nail artists planning for Halloween, believe me, you're going to want this in your collection. 

It is an easy formula to work with, minimal clean up was required and where it was, there was absolutely no staining - a little problem I usually get with oranges, maybe it's the jelly formula that makes for an efficient clean up. My swatch hand at the moment is a little uneven but I feel like I've been getting away with it - though now you're all going to notice it - aaargh! My point is - on the first two nails which are shorter, two coats were enough for full cover. On my longer last two nails I needed three coats as when the light gets under your nail, you can see the white tip with only two. Gosh I feel like I'm going on a bit haha! 

Anyway, add it to your basket as soon as it becomes available and don't miss out. 




THIS is my favourite. It is a beautiful, beautiful! light purple with a blue iridescent shimmer running through it when the light hits it at the right moment. I can't believe I was actually able to catch it in my photo! My picture taking skills are coming along nicely ... right? 

It is a cream formula that is fully opaque in just two coats. It dries to a pearly satin finish, that looks lovely, buuut, I really do like my shiny glossy finish, so my photo has a coat of Seche over top. 




Doesn't it just look like Christmas? I love this super glossy red, it's perfect for the Christmas party season. This could have been a one-coater if I wasn't so messy with darker colours. If you have a steady hand this will only be one coat for you. It self levels, it's got a high gloss finish, almost bordering a gel-like consistency, super easy to work with. If you find darker colours a little trickier like me, go in with a light coat to get your guide, then go in with a heavier coat to finish. 

As this has that super glossy finish, you can easily get away with no topcoat. However I would always recommend a topper, just to lock that stunner in for as long as possible. Again clean up was easy, reds can be a bugger to get off the cuticles, but this one wasn't too bad. The stubborn bits that you can see still hugging my cuticles in the photo were soon gone after a soak in the bath. 


Overall I have been blown away by this fab new brand of nail polish. The colour selection, the formulas, the different finishes, there is something for everyone. Keep an eye out on my Instagram as there will be swatches from my haul appearing asap, there's a few to go through though so please bear with me. 

Have you tried any polishes from Coze? Which are your favourites? 

Remember to give Coze Nail Polish a follow on Instagram for any further releases, swatches and dates, and click the link in their bio which will whisk you straight to the shop. 

Thank you so much for reading

Love, Leanne Xx