Coze Nail Polish Haul

It seems like forever ago now, and I can't remember when exactly it was, but Coze Nail Polish were having a super sale on their website. I had only just discovered them so it was the perfect opportunity to try out their products.

I found myself adding each and every item for sale into my basket! I though that I would share my swatches and review with you today. 

(A couple of weeks ago I did do a post for this brand as they had kindly sent me some PR samples. You can check it out HERE)


This colour was very popular over on Instagram - you were all loving it! I find it to be such a stunning and unusual polish, I love the pink shift bursting through that beautiful bright blue. Lunar also has a very pretty shimmer that twinkles away so nicely when the light hits it just right.

Lunar looks at its best with three coats. It dries down fairly quick and to a semi glossy finish. I always add an extra helping of Seche to any and all polishes - I can't stop myself haha! It is easy to apply, there's no streakiness or patchiness. 

If you pop over to the website, this is still available and for the low price of £5.



I love this colour, it is one that will see you all through autumn/winter. It truly does look like the colour of a fresh, clean penny! It also has that wonderful shimmer which just adds to its beauty. 

This was completely opaque in just two generous coats and dries down to a semi-matte finish. Again for the photo I wear a helping of Seche. The formula is just as fab as the previous with no patchiness.

Penny did give me some metallic feels, so as you apply you may notice some brush strokes. They add to the overall effect, it reminds me of the Models Own Chrome collection. Very nice and sets it apart from other polishes in your stash. 

This polish is also £5 on the website.



I am in love with this deep, lush, rich purple! Oh my gosh, isn't it a stunner! You may notice that it has that beautiful golden shimmer scattered throughout. 

As Elixir is highly pigmented, two coats gives you a perfectly opaque finish. With darker colours I like to 'trace' the outline with a very light coat, then go in with a more generous helping. I can be quite messy with darker colours and I find that this little trick helps give a more cleaner look especially around the cuticles. 

Unfortunately this polish doesn't appear to be available on the website, but if you have a little look you may find something similar...



I think this may well be my favourite from my sale haul. You guys know I love pink haha! This particular one is so fun and bright and girly, it has that same shimmer that has become a welcomed feature of Coze polish, annnnd it has that blue/lilac colour shift popping through!

Whats not to love? Ditto is a must have for your collection.

It can be yours for that amazing price of just £5, I must mention as well that all of these polishes come in 10ml bottles, so you really do get plenty of product for your buck.



Well! Potion was another hit over on my Instagram page, you guys really loved it! I can't blame you really, what a beautiful rich and royal purple. I love how none of these polishes are just one colour. They have something extra about them to make them even more unique.

Potion in particular has an iridescent shimmer sparkling through it that gives it such depth. It was fully opaque in just two coats, using my little trick as mentioned before. 

This polish is still available on the website at £5.



Lure is a pretty lilac with a crisp golden shimmer throughout. It was two coats to perfection again and has the same incredible and easy to work with formula. 

Unfortunately this looks to have sold out on the website.. so I won't go into too much detail!



I'm surprised that this badboy didn't get more attention over on Instagram, but I'm going to put it down to the crazy algorithm...

Astro is one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever come across, deep blues are just divine aren't they? This one feels like it has a purple undertone, its so hard to describe! Its another that has a slight metallic feel, it must be how the shimmer reacts? Either way, I'm so glad that I got my hands on Astro. 

It must have been a popular choice as this too has sold out on the website. Sorry to be such a tease!



Charming is a really cute pink come coral colour with pretty shimmers running through it. I will probably get more wear out of this when the brighter and warmer weather comes back round.. Isn't it the most perfect summer holiday shade?

I'm feeling really lucky to have grabbed these polishes as Charming has sold out too! Just goes to show how beautiful Coze Polishes are.



Last but not least we have Spiced, I still actually have it on my nails now as I'm typing this. I've found these polishes to be fairly hard wearing, though I know your topcoat will have an effect too. This has seen me through a pre-Christmas deep house clean!

Spiced is a gorgeous warm toned orange based red and I am hooked! I won't go into more detail as yup! You guessed it! Its another sellout, sorry!


I did treat myself to some pure glitter polishes too, but I think I'm going to use them for some fancy nail art soon. I'm not keen on a full glitter polish, I make such a mess with them and have zero patience haha! Thats no fault of the brand or polish, obviously its just me!

Keep an eye out over on Instagram and/or Facebook to see what I come up with...

All in all I am completely won over by Coze Nail Polish and highly recommend them to all of you, my lovely readers! Not only are you buying quality, handmade, cruelty free polish, you are supporting a friendly smaller business too!


Thanks for reading!

Love, Leanne Xx