Cienna Rose Enriched Nail Lacquer

**Contains PR products**

Hey everyone! I apologise for not being very active on the blog this week, I think until after Christmas my posts may be all over the place, but I'll still post as much as time allows.

I'm excited to bring to you today another new nail polish brand that has popped up on the scene, Cienna Rose Beauty. I am always happy to hear of new smaller, handmade businesses and even happier to try out their products! I have a lot of thoughts to share with you on this one, so let's get settled down with a cuppa, maybe a mince pie too, and dive into this post...


First Thoughts

Let me tell you that when I received my parcel and unwrapped it, I was absolutely blown away. I have worked with many fabulous indie brands, but never have opened one of their parcels to discover packaging like this. Even I, as a fellow indie maker have never sent out a parcel like this! Bob in a bit of pretty pink tissue and it's good to go! Not these guys...

You can certainly tell that Cienna Rose mean business! They have obviously poured a lot of love, time, energy and money into their beautiful new brand. Let's take a look at the stunning gift box my polishes arrived in...

Packaging, Gift Box
Packaging, Gift box

Very luxurious isn't it? This would make a perfect gift for your polish obsessed loved one, or for yourself even! But the thought that has gone into it, they haven't just produced a gift box, their name is embossed on top, the foam inside has been perfectly measured and professionally cut to envelop the bottles..this truly is pure luxury, and we haven't even got started on the polish itself yet! We are certainly off to a great start. 

Cienna Rose Bottles

Let's quickly talk about the bottles...very unique aren't they? I don't think I've come across another brand with this shape of bottle before, I adore the bottle tops.

So on the bottles you will see that the brand logo has been printed directly onto the glass, none of this print out and stick on business like mine haha! The name of your polish can be found on the underneath of the bottle. But here's my favourite bit, when you flip over the bottle, they have their name embossed into the glass! I'm so envious of these bottles can you tell?! 

In my opinion, Cienna Rose are in a league of their own, in fact if I hadn't have known right off the bat that this was an indie brand, I certainly wouldn't have thought it. They scream high end, luxury products that will probably make it into the high street and even into shops all over the world. 



What makes Cienna Rose Stand out from the Crowd?

Other than their awesome packaging? Well, lets take a closer look..

This brand has developed their very own special formula, infusing their products with Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Lemongrass Oil which will all help to look after your nails as well as making them look pretty. 

They are 6-free (no nasties in these badboys!), and cruelty free too. 

Cienna Rose opened their doors, figuratively speaking, on the 1st December with a huge selection of colours and also a base and top coat. I will link to their beautiful online shop nearer the end of the post.


So now that I have finished swooning over the packaging and brand, let's finally see some swatches! I was kindly sent five bottles to play with, let's start with my least favourite to most favourite...


Head Over Heels

Head over Heels, Cienna Rose

Don't get me wrong, this is a beauty, but personally I don't tend to bother much with 'toppers', which I feel that this is supposed to be. 

My photo shows it worn alone over a naked nail, and also over top off another of Cienna Rose's polish, Happily Ever After. Worn alone I'm really not loving it on me, it seems to enhance the staining of my nails (all nail polish addicts have this - its completely normal for us!) but if you have lovely, non-stained nails, this will look super on you, I imagine it will look so pretty over a classic frenchie. 

Worn over the top of another colour really makes the multi shaped/sized glitters pop. They evenly but randomly scatter over the nail, you will get a different look each and every time you use it. It's very pretty and if you're all about a sparkly topper, you're going to love Head over Heels. 


Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After, Cienna Rose

This is a pinky toned nude with teeny tiny specks of pink glitters throughout. Happily Ever After is perfect for those who love to wear a natural nail, it is an easy to wear, everyday kind of colour that will look beautiful on any skin tone. 

I love that this isn't just your average nude polish, it has that extra depth of pink that almost shifts in different lights. 

For my photo I'm wearing three coats. You could probably get away with two generous layers, but as my nails have gotten fairly long, when the light gets under the whites of my nails you can sometimes see them through the colour I'm wearing, which does my head in haha! Drawbacks of having longer nails! Watch them all break now... Anyway, as this is a natural, lighter shade, I felt three coats were suitable for those cheeky white tips of mine.



Luxe, Cienna Rose

This is a stunning light, pastel grey shade with pretty rose-gold shimmers running through it. I love this colour, and I found that it makes for a fab base colour for cool, wintery nail art designs too. 

This was fully opaque in just two coats, and as with all polishes that I've tried from Cienna Rose, it was self-levelling making for easy application for everyone!


Beach, Please

Beach, Please. Cienna Rose

Beach, Please is a rich, dark blue-grey shade with a pinky purple shimmer running throughout. It is such a stunning colour, which I again think would suit all skin tones, but really seems to pop against my pale skin. This is shown wearing just two coats.

Here may be a good place to tell you about the brush, don't we all love a good brush that makes application super easy, even for those of us with shaky hands from time to time? Well, these brushes are great, they're squared off and juicy, you can pick up as much or as little polish on them as required with minimum clean up needed around the cuticles. Perfect! Especially with those darker shades. 


Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade, Cienna Rose

Here we have arrived at my most favourite of the bunch! It had to be a pink didn't it! Isn't it gorgeous though?! I'm going to wear this one over and over again. This is shown with two coats and has that same self-levelling, non-patchy consistency as the others. 

Pink Lemonade is a deeper shade, almost with a touch more red against other pinks I own, but it's also complimented by a pretty pink shimmer running through it, adding that extra depth and twinkle. 


How much are they and where can I buy them?

Each bottle contains 13ml of product and are priced at £9. You can browse the multitude of colours HERE  

The base and top coat are priced at £8 each for 13ml. 

You could also check out Cienna Rose's other social media sites, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more swatches by other amazing and very talented nail artists/swatchers and also keep up to date with any new releases and info. 


Final Thoughts

I think it's pretty obvious how taken I am with both the brand, and the products. I love discovering new brands, and I really do think that this particular one is going to go far. They are a great inspiration, and I wish Carla the lovely owner who has evidently worked so hard on this, all the best for the future. 

The products are of the highest quality, and I think for £9 each, you can afford to treat yourself! There's a huge colour choice so there will be something for everyone in the shop. I really can't recommend them enough to you! 

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx