What's in it for me?

*contains PR products*

As someone who loves to take care of her nails it's important to not forget about looking after the hands too! That's why I was over the moon to receive these two products from the new beauty brand - What's in it for me?


What's in it for me?


Hand Wash

This is probably one of the nicest handwashes I've ever tried! It smells so good, very citrusy and very fresh leaving your hands super squeaky clean and smelling fab! I wash my hands a lot during the day, especially at the moment whilst the weathers nice and I've been pottering about in the garden, and I've found that's it's not at all drying or irritating to the skin. 

My hands are quite sensitive, some handwashes leave me with little red dots, a clear sign that they've upset the skin... but this one so far has been perfect, no problems at all. 

The packaging is really nice too, very simple and will look lovely on any bathroom/kitchen sink. 


Hand Cream

Alongside the handwash, I've thought my hands have been in the best condition since using this handcream. 

They feel softer, look brighter, perfect for those Instagram nailfies! 

This handcream has so many wonderful ingredients within - as seen on the packaging! - and even though grapefruit is listed, it smells incredibly delicate with only the gentlest whiff of citrus. You only need a small amount at a time, a 2p coin sized dollop is more than enough, it very quickly dries with no greasy or sticky residue. 

The size of the tube is really generous too, it will last a good long while, even when using multiple times a day. 


Final thoughts

I'm always eager to find exciting new brands, and I do believe there is going to be some wonderful products from these guys.

My favourite of the two has to be the handcream, I have seen a considerable difference in my skin since using it and I'm in love with the delicate scent! 

Please be sure to check out their websiteit's got the best welcome screen but it also shows you products soon to come. Also for my fellow Instagrammers, be sure to give them a cheeky follow for more news.


Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx