The Inkey List: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C

I had never heard of The Inkey List before a work friend mentioned it to me perhaps 3weeks to a month ago. The very same day when I got home I popped on over to Cult Beauty and had a little look at what the brand had to offer. I loved how simple and easy to follow the packaging was, but also the pricing was more than reasonable. Think The Ordinary without all the drama.

A bit about the brand

So here we have a British born brand which is Cruelty-Free and don’t sell to markets that require animal testing. They are very new to the shelves, if my research is correct, I think they launched their products in July this year.

The Inkey List aim to make understanding and buying skincare products/ingredients as simple and straight forward as possible, no fuss - no nonsense.

Their products contain the least amount of ingredients of the best quality as possible, formulated by top scientists and experts.

Sounds great!

There are so many hot topic ingredients these days as consumers are becoming more and more savvy to what they are putting on their skin, today I will be focusing on two of them that appeal to me the most - Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Inkey List sell a 30ml bottle of Hyaluronic Acid Serum that contains 2% pure Hyaluronic Acid. Use only a small pea sized amount daily, morning and night after cleansing before adding any of your other skincare products. This bottle costs just £4.99

So why is HA so important to our daily routines? We all know that it is super hydrating, but how does it work?

HA is naturally found in our skin, but over time and because of other natural and environmental skin threats, the amount produced internally lessens. This will result in drier skin, fine lines and wrinkles and maybe the odd breakout will happen too…

Adding skincare products with HA will give our skin the extra and instant boost of moisture it needs. The serum formulated by The Inkey List actually contains Hyaluronic Acid with multiple molecular weights, meaning that the serum won’t just target the upper most layer of skin, it will also get to work in the layers beneath too.

Another benefit to using this serum is that any other skincare products you apply after it will work better and harder. As just mentioned, this formula includes HA with multiple molecular weights - the heavier molecules will get to work plumping the top layers of skin, and the lighter molecules work on a lower level meaning that any other product you apply after it will penetrate more fully than if you hadn’t used it. Great stuff!

This is such an easy item to add to your routine, anyone with any skin type can use it and everyone will benefit from it.

Personal experience

I’ve been using this product twice daily since receiving it approx 3 week ago and I’ve definitely seen a change in my skin. Nothing dramatic but it feels juicier/plumper, even in the forehead and cheek areas which are usually fairly dry. My skin feels more…comfortable. A small change, a small improvement which has made me that bit more confident in my skin.

It is now a must have in my daily routine.

Vitamin C

Also sold by The Inkey List is a 30ml tube of Vitamin C Serum containing 30% Pure Stable (water free) L-Ascorbic Acid. To be used once a day, preferably on a morning to make the most of the antioxidant properties. A small pea sized amount will do. This tube will cost you only £7.99

When using ingredients such as Vitamin C please remember to use sunscreen on a morning. Although very good for our skin, they do make it more vulnerable to sun rays (whether you feel it’s bright out or not).

Vitamin C is for all skin types, it has instant brightening and plumping effects and helps to protect against pollution. This particular serum helps to do all of this along with helping to even out skin tone and reducing fine lines.

When applying to the skin, give it a minute to break down before adding your next product.

Personal experience

I started using this at the same time as the HA serum, only applying a pea size amount on a morning. It is a consistency that feels like it absorbs into the skin very quickly, you don’t need to keep rubbing it around the face, it just seems to disappear.

As it does contain such a high percentage of Vit C, you may notice a slight tingling when you first use it. You can always mix it with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum to help minimise the feeling. Even though I do have sensitive skin, I didn’t have any tingling or redness.

If you want to find out more please check out Caroline Hirons Video, it’s so informative and well worth your time.

I have been very happy with my skin since I added these two products into my routine. I’m looking forward to trying out more from the range. Have any of you tried The Inkey List? Which are your favourite? What should I try next?

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx