Say Yes to Yes To Skincare Part 1

I first heard of this brand from browsing through one of my years old Beauty Bible's. I was tempted to try their products then but never got round to it. More recently, since my Beauty Bay addiction started, I realised that they sell Yes To products and just couldn't help myself! 

Yes To skincare is completely free of toxic ingredients and always at least 95% natural. They are also cruelty free and are part of the leaping bunny programme. 

Let's take a little look at the products I have been trying out and falling in love with...


Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser


Charcoal cleanser

I have been using this badboy for about 2+ months now and I'm kicking myself for not finding it sooner. It is a black gel with tiny little jojoba spheres which foams up with water to give you the most deep yet gentle cleanse. This cleanser come exfoliator works fast to really remove the days makeup and grime, leaving your skin super squeaky clean.

We have to talk about the smell too... I was expecting this product to stink awful, I'm not a fan of tomatoes or how they smell, my grandad grows them in his greenhouse and ugh! It hums! But this cleanser smells really, really nice. Quite sweet actually, with the obvious hint of charcoal. Very pleasant to use.

Let's look at the price. I paid £9 with free p&p again from Beauty Bay. So for £9 you get 147ml of product which I'm guestimating will last you 4-5 months depending on if you use once or twice a day. For the first week of using this cleanser I would use it on a morning and evening. Then I moved onto using a micellar water on a morning and this on an evening.  So I'm just over 2 months in to using it in this way and I still have approx. half a bottle left. There is fantastic value for money here, you get so many uses for such a great price. 

My skin has been prone to breakouts and redness (which if you follow my posts you will be sick of hearing about haha!) and I have noticed a reduction in these problem areas. The skin feels a lot softer and smoother too, so for really bad breakout days, (which I've noticed doesn't seem to be happening as often or as aggressively) makeup sits on a lot nicer. 

However, it does leave your skin feeling a little dry after, so lets move onto my new moisturisers...


Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser


I use not even one full pump of this every morning. I find that a full pump is too much for me, but if you have quite dry skin go ahead and press down on the pump until it stops. It is a super light cream that quickly dries so you can crack on with your days makeup. 

After using this for just over two months alongside the cleanser above, I can say that I have not been this happy with the condition and appearance of my skin in a long time. I have always been able to find products that I quickly fall in love with, but after continuous use they seem to lose their battle and I end up just as miserable with my redness and spots as before. Touch wood, this combo has continued to impress me, have I finally found my hero skincare?

Day cream

I have noticed lately that I don't seem to be getting as oily as usual on my T-Zone through the day, even on a challenging day at work, which means that my makeup is lasting longer too. This may be a combination of this moisturiser, my primer and other makeup products, but hey! Every little helps as the saying goes!

Again I was concerned about how this cream was going to smell, fortunately as with the cleanser, I can report that it smells lovely, without being too in your face, its a gentle scent that is pleasant to use. 

Lets have a look at the price point. For a 50ml bottle it costs £12 from Beauty Bay with free delivery, I use it once a day and have been for about two months and I still have approx a third of the bottle left. I'd probably say that this product will last you 3-4 months depending on whether you chose to use it once or twice a day, so again great value for money. 



Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night Treatment


I began to wonder if one of the problems causing breakouts was the size of my pores, I've become a little conscious of them recently, and so decided on this night cream to try and shrink them! 

I use this once a day, usually on an evening after a really hot bath. My thinking is, is that the heat and steam will open the pores up so when I pop this on, it will be more effective....probably a load of rubbish but worth a try haha! 

Night cream

It's obviously a little heavier than the day cream mentioned above, but not at all uncomfortable or greasy. I love the bottle it comes in too, you press down and the product pops up! I find that as with the day cream, I don't need the full pump, half a pump is suffice. 

Now then, let's talk about the smell... I don't like it! I'm not a fan of grapefruit at all but I don't let it put me off. If you like the smell of grapefruit, you'll really enjoy the experience, but if you're like me, not so much. 

This arrived at the same time as the previous two products, so after about two months of daily application I have to admit that I haven't seen much of a difference in my pores. However as I've been so happy with my skin since using this trio, I will continue to buy it, and maybe after a few more months of use, I will start to see them shrink. I haven't lost my faith in this night cream just yet!

Unfortunately I can't see how much product is left, but I'd probably say that I've at least got another month or so use out of it going by the weight of the bottle. It costs £13 for 50ml which I believe to be decent value for money, especially when its going to last at least 3 month depending on how often and how much you choose to use a day. 


More recent purchases from Yes To

 I have made a few more cheeky purchases because I have been so impressed with the brand and products, but I don't feel like I can give a thorough and fair review just yet as I've not been using them for long enough. Still, I'd like to share them with you and give my first impressions...


Yes To Blueberries Face and Neck Oil

I bought this as I'm quite concerned that as I get slightly older, the lines on my forehead get deeper. I have an over expressive face anyway, so I'll never be rid of them, but I'd like to try and help slow the process as best I can and that's where this oil comes in.

You use 2-3 drops morning and night, I tend to use this after cleansing but before moisturising. It's quite a thick oil but melts into the skin beautifully. It doesn't particularly smell great to me, though very natural smelling and not overpowering in the least, it's actually non existent after adding your moisturiser. 

This oil comes in a 30ml bottle and costs £15 which I'm blown away at as face oils can be quite expensive. 


Face oil
Mud mask

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

I have only used this once and was very pleasantly surprised at the lack of mess it created! My past experiences with mud masks have been quite messy, but this was a joy! I didn't have to scrub the sink after and it didn't end up all over my clothes. Perfect! 

To apply I squeezed a generous amount on the back of my hand and used a foundation brush to evenly smooth over the face. Leave on for 10 mins, then rinse off or use a face cloth like I did. I used this on a day where I'd had a lovely visit from a cluster of spots on my chin and cheek, and I have to say that upon waking the next day they had gone down dramatically with a lot less redness visible. 

For a tube of 93g it cost £12 and I'm just guessing that I will probably get up to 10 applications out of this, so with this guestimate, I'd say it's fabulous value for money considering on average one individual face mask can cost a fiver.


Well I think that's about it from me today, it's been a long post hasn't it? I'd love to hear your thoughts, have you tried this brand before? Which is your favourite product from them? Did you find this post helpful at all? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx