Sand and Sky Face Mask : My Honest Review

Who else has seen this Australian pink clay mask by Sand & Sky doing the rounds through social media? As with any product that seems to pop up out of nowhere, I found myself very sceptical at all the videos and be fair I've been caught out before ... **coughs, Misfit Cosmetics powerful peel off mask** so I kept looking the other way, or indeed scrolling past the posts...

A few weeks went by and I noticed that good old Harvey Nich's had started stocking it, surely if one of the poshest shops in town has bought into it, it can't be that bad right? I held tight onto my purse for a little longer then discovered my favourite online beauty shop had started selling it - Beauty Bay - and you know what that means ....yesss! Free Delivery! Somehow this magical face mask from across the waters fell into my basket and the very next working day, it landed on my porch. 

But what makes it so special?

Well! This is a very special clay mask and not just because it's pink. Although in a way, it kind of is because the main and most important ingredient in this bad boy is Kaolin, Australian pink clay which comes from, and I quote, "the purest environment on Earth". 

This clay is said to absorb dirt and impurities, draws out toxins, restores the skins natural defence shield and tightens and refines pores. Even with all these incredible claims it is still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Sounds amazing doesn't it? Having had an ongoing battle with my face lately you can understand why the grip on my purse loosened ever so slightly...

Along with Kaolin, this mask includes a multitude of impressive ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Kakadu plum, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Kelp, Pomegranate and many more.

Sand & Sky promise instant results (reminding you that everyone's skin is and behaves differently), including clear complexion, youthful glow, smaller pores, reduced imperfections, enhanced collagen production...the works!

After reading all of this on their website, which I strongly recommend you visit, I couldn't wait to try out this little tub of goodness. 


How to use

When you open your box you will see a cute little brush provided to quickly smooth the contents over your face. I tend to scoop a small amount out of the tub and place on the back of my hand, just so I don't keep putting the brush which has been on my face back into the tub. You don't have to do this, I mean you should have already washed your face before application, it's just because I obviously have breakouts and I try to take extra care in not contaminating my products, especially the ones I'm using to battle skin problems. 

Then just spread the product all over your face avoiding the usual places...hairline, eyebrows, lips. You can also use this in targeted areas, I've seen that some people just pop a little of this on their spots and leave on overnight. As with most masks, you can tailor the application of this to your needs. 

The instructions advise to leave on for just 10 minutes until dry, but you can tell when it's completely dry as the pink clay turns perfectly white and hardens. 

Sand and Sky

Once finished, wipe away with a clean warm cloth and give a quick splash of cold water to the face. Take to the mirror and see if there has been any instant improvements! 


What does it smell like? How does it feel?

I find describing the scent of this mask very difficult, if someone told me what it smelt like, I'd be like 'Oh yeah' haha!, all I can say is that I found it to be a nice, pleasant and very clean smell. 

I laid back in the bath after applying this all over the face and noticed a tingling sensation over my cheeks. This is completely just means that it's working it's magic. It wasn't at all painful or uncomfortable. 


Go on then, how much is it?

As mentioned before, I picked mine up from Beauty Bay. There was no delivery charge and the product itself cost £39.95

You get 60g of clay mask goodness along with the little brush for application. 

So far I have been able to get around 6-7 uses out of this tub and there is still a fair bit left for some more pampering. I have to admit that I do use this very generously, so if you perhaps were a little more sparing with it, you could easily gain more uses out of it. 

It is advised to use this 2-3 times a week depending on your skin, I have been using it to the max at 3 times a week, only now cutting down to 2 times a week as I'm hitting the tub bottom.

I want to also mention the packaging... it's so super cute and they haven't skimped on it either. The tub itself feels very heavy and expensive, the brush is a fantastic addition with a little cover too.  


My personal results

So, before we begin, I have a little disclaimer so to speak. Since the start of trying this product out, I have been going for some skin treatments which may have helped the results I've found with this mask. I've been having a course of gentle chemical peels and light therapy, as I'm typing this I've had 2 out of 3 sessions. 

I genuinely feel that using this mask in between sessions has really helped and improved the condition of my skin. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's get into my thoughts and review!

Redness and spot situation - After the first time I used the mask I noticed the next day that I had broken out a little more than normal. This is totally OK, new products can do this as they are bringing the badness to the surface to tackle it head on. I used it for the second time a couple of days later, and that's when I first noticed a positive change...

So after the second use I noticed that the redness in one of my cheeks had drastically gone down, and in the other cheek - my worst side - had gone down a little. You could see clear skin between spots instead of large patches of redness. This didn't happen as soon as I wiped away the mask, but instead the very next morning (I tend to use this late at night before bed). 

After the third use I noticed that the texture on my better cheek had smoothed out a touch, still a bit bumpy, but a noticeable difference.

With continued use and another treatment at the skin clinic, I have noticed that the texture on one side of my face is the smoothest and clearest that it has been since suffering with what I can only describe as acne, and the other side of my face, the worst side, although has a little way to go, I have noticed a huge reduction of redness and the spots have gone down remarkably.

I cant tell you how many different products I have tried which start to make a change in my skin, then suddenly seem to stop after the first few uses. I never thought that I'd have better skin, clearer skin, skin that would let makeup sit nicely with minimal bumps, but I think ... touch wood ... I might be getting there. 

Other impressions - My skin has felt smoother, softer, looked brighter and healthier, and as mentioned above, my makeup is sitting better and better with each passing day. 

I cannot recommend this mask enough. It's not a scam. It's worth the hype. Even if you have clear skin, this would make a wonderful once a month treat. As I have seen such a huge difference I really do think it's worth the £39.95, as even though I have been going to the skin clinic, this has prevented any breakouts, kept redness down, and arguably tackled my existing spots within my two week visits. 

I've honestly not come across a product that I want to recommend as much as I do this in such a long time. Try it, you'll love it! This is not sponsored haha!

Also, you guys know that I only recommend cruelty free products, I was overjoyed to learn that this is indeed cruelty free. 


Update (19th March 2018) -

I just wanted to pop back onto this post months and months later after originally writing it to say that I still absolutely love this product. I've now finished my third pot, ready for my fourth. I never went back for my next chemical peel and light therapy as I thought they were actually aggravating my skin, but I continue to use this mask 2-3 times a week and the results are still there. Highly recommended! 


If you've made it this far, thank you for reading!

Love, Leanne Xx