New Year, New Beauty Trend: Cannabis in Skincare

In 2018 we saw Retinol, Glycolic and Hyaluronic being the biggest skincare/beauty trends, everyone wanted a piece of the action. This year though, we are taking things further. Yes, for 2019 you are going to be seeing more and more brands advertising Cannabis Oil in their skincare. But why? What are the benefits? Why is this the new buzzword in Beauty?

Of course I had to do a little research, and this is what I found…

Benefits of Cannabis in skincare

One of the biggest benefits by far in my opinion is the anti-inflammatory properties. Skincare containing CBD is proven to reduce swelling and even soreness that comes with such skin concerns as Acne, Rosacea etc. My personal experience of this came with my first ever try of a CBD infused product by Murad which we will take a look at in a bit, I was blown away. I only wish it had have been available to me when my acne was at it’s worst as I truly believe it would have worked a treat.

It is also very soothing and hydrating to the skin, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin types/conditions like myself. If on the other hand you have quite oily skin, CBD skincare will help to regulate your oil production, therefore helping to prevent breakouts. So already, here we have found an ingredient that works for all skin types.

Another benefit of using cannabis in skincare is the fact that it is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E. Antioxidants are a welcome addition to any product, we all want to help protect our skin from pollution, stress, and other pesky environmental aggressors.

From the information I have gathered together, it seems to me that CBD is actually more potent therefore more beneficial, than hemp seed oil. This is because it comes from the flower, leaves and/or stalks of the plant.

Also, it may be obvious to some but it’s definitely worth mentioning, that products containing this ingredient are non-psychoactive, meaning that you won’t get high using them, and it’s completely legal.

Now that we now a handful of the benefits, let’s take a look at a couple of products that I’ve been trying out, and what my experiences have been…

Murad - Revitalixir Recovery Serum

This is a new product by Murad that I was introduced to by one of my fave brand reps at work, Heidi. After she shared some info with me, I knew I had to give it a go. I’m currently working on a lengthy blog post that digs deep into using alternative liquid exfoliators than those containing glycolic acid, and unfortunately I didn’t react well to one of my test samples. My face had broken out, was sore and red, and this Serum sounded like it could be just the thing I needed…

I took my make up off, at work - I was obviously feeling very brave! - and applied one pump’s worth of the Revitalixir. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the redness in my face subsided almost instantly, within minutes, literally an instant result. I was that gobsmacked and so impressed that I came down to the shop floor for my break and bought a bottle for myself straight away.

I’ve been using the Serum since the 22nd January, and I can honestly say that I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin. Minimal redness, minimal to no breakouts, skin feels super hydrated and looking healthier.

About the Product - The serum comes in a posh glass bottle, and you can see lots of purple beads within. It actually looks really pretty (as a side note!). Anyway, each bottle contains 400 beads, and each pump will release three. I have found that one pump is enough for the whole face. You are advised to use this both morning and night, which means you will be using 6 beads per day, which in turn means that this product will last you 66 days, just over 2 months.

As the active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine, Niacinamide and Sativa Seed Oil) have been encapsulated within each of the beads, it means that you will be getting the most potent application with each and every pump.

Dr.Murad has developed this serum specifically for stressed skin, to help relax and rejuvenate it. In THIS very interesting short video, he explains how stress can make us look up to 3.5 years older. He shares that stress is a fact of life, but the effects of stressed skin doesn’t have to be.

The Revitalixir is safe for use around the eyes, so you have a 2 in 1 serum here as you needn’t purchase an extra serum for the eye area - perfect! It contains caffeine which is going to work hand in hand with the Sativa Seed Oil (CBD) to reduce darkness and puffiness under the eyes.

Also found within the ingredients list is Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 which will help to refine skin texture, even out skin tone, and even reduce the size of pores.

It is suitable for all skin types and has been formulated without parabens, phthalates and gluten. It is also cruelty free.

It costs £70 for 40ml, and can be found at Marks and Spencer.

Murad - Multi Vitamin Infusion Oil

Another exciting new product waiting to be discovered! This oil also contains the Sativa Seed Oil as discussed above, and therefore the same benefits, but it also contains Vitamins A through to F. These vitamins are going to work together to battle signs of ageing, give your skin an added boost of hydration, brighten your complexion, all the while defending your skin from free radical damage.

The Multi-Vitamin Infusion oil is described to have a feather light formula to be absorbed quicker without blocking up the pores. It is best to use a couple of drops (warmed into your palms) and massage or press gently over freshly cleansed skin, followed by a moisturiser. Breathe in as you apply as it really does smell incredible, it feels like you’re getting a luxury facial in the comfort of your own home.

You can actually use this oil in a variety of ways, you can add one drop of it into your foundation to give an added overall lift and non-greasy glow, you could add a couple of drops into a powder blush to transform it into a more flattering and natural cream blush, and you can even add up to three drops into your favourite moisturiser to turn it into a multi-vitamin powerhouse (as described on the website).

It is advised to use this oil both morning and night, but please remember to use a sunscreen after use on a morning.

If you pop on over to the Murad website, it gives you a clear guide as to how many drops they advise you to use depending on your skin type. As we’ve discussed many times before, my skin type is dry, and according to the guide I should be using 8 drops. To be honest I feel like that’s slightly too generous, I’ve been using 3-4 drops morning and night and that feels like plenty for me. Obviously everyone is different, personally I would recommend starting off with just a few drops and building up to more if needed.

Just like with the serum I noticed an immediate difference in my skin after the very first use. I started using the serum on the 22nd Jan, but only introduced this oil into my routine on the 14th Feb as I wanted to make sure that if I had a bad reaction to either product I could easily determine which one was the culprit.

Anyway, the first time I used this oil I had a couple of smaller breakouts going on (again from the piece I’m working on for alternatives to glycolic liquid exfoliators). After finishing up my evening routine, I woke up the next morning to find that my spots had gone down drastically, as in there was no redness, no raised spots - well except for one pesky one on my cheek - but for the first use I was amazed all over again.

It does have a feather light formula as described on their website, I was surprised at how there was no greasiness or film left on the skin like with some oils.

Using both the serum and oil in my skincare routine has been a game changer, and I recommend both products to anyone who has sensitive skin, acne/spots, has noticed signs of ageing - just give even one of these products a go and you will be just as impressed as I have been.

The oil retails at £55 for 30ml which can be found alongside the serum at Marks and Spencer.

Overall Impressions

To wrap this post up I thought that it could be handy to do a quick bullet point list/break down of the benefits I have personally experienced since introducing these two products into my routine. Of course everyones skin is different, so results may differ, or take less/longer time to notice, but hopefully this will give you an honest look into what the serum and oil could do for you too…

  • Instant reduction in redness

  • Improvement in texture

  • Skin feeling hydrated

  • Skin looks healthier and brighter

  • Under eye area looks smoother, even when wearing make up!

  • Skin looking/feeling healthier overall

It has taken less than a couple of months to notice most of these changes, some of the changes were noticed after the first use as I’ve already talked about. It’s not often that I am so completely wowed, yes I can really enjoy a particular product, but these two are right up there with my long standing love of the Sand & Sky Mask.

If you do go on to try either of these Murad items, please let me know how you get on with them and what changes/improvements you notice in your skin.

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx