Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

A couple of days ago I run out of primer and decided to try something new...

My workplace sells Murad and one of the ladies who works on beauty directed me to this product that could be used as a primer, though warned me that it was quite expensive at £55. Luckily I had various offers to use and my staff discount, so I actually only ended up paying twenty odd quid.

Murad Invisablur Perfecting Shield

First Impressions



This product comes in a pump bottle, which I like as it means you get the right amount for one use, in one pump. Best not to waste... especially when its such a luxury item!

It is simple in appearance, which I like in skin care, it means that you're paying for the product and not fussy over the top bottles.



The first thing I was really interested in was the texture. Its very silky, like silicone, and once applied to the face and neck it disappears immediately, almost like a second skin! You cant feel it at all. 

I'm also impressed that even though its such a light, clear formula, it is SPF 30. Usually products with an SPF can become quite heavy and/or leave a white cast on the skin. Absolutely not an issue with this product.

As mentioned before, I've only been using it for a few days, so I feel that I can't make a fair comment about any reduction in lines or wrinkles (I do have some on my over expressive forehead and my under eyes), but I do feel like I can fairly comment on the blurring finish....

Once applied I can definitely see a difference with my forehead, the creases I have seem less visible, so a thumbs up there. However, I see no difference around the eye area. But, maybe that comes with more weeks of use, so I will be sure to check back in if I notice an improvement. 

This product leaves my skin feeling super soft and looking fresh and bright. If I had perfect, clear skin I would feel comfortable going out in public wearing this alone. 

I have also been using it with a soft fluffy face brush over the top of make up to set for the day. It's something I would never have thought to do, but there is a video on their website showing you how, and it does really work. It gives you a dewy, non-greasy looking finish and my makeup doesn't crease as much or go patchy on the T-Zone whilst I'm out all day at work. 


Final Thoughts



As I don't see a massive difference in my skin, and as I know I can get the same results with other fairer priced products, I do think that it is more money than I would be willing to pay and I won't be re-purchasing it. I use a moisturiser that has SPF 50 anyway, so the SPF 30 doesn't really hook me in, also there are other primers that have the blurring effect that I want to try which may work better for me around the eyes. 



I really enjoy the different texture of the Perfecting Shield, it's light and non-greasy, non-drying. A little goes a long way, and I like how it can be used to set and refresh your makeup. 

As I have quite red, spot prone skin I'm forever on the hunt to try new products that will help heal and protect. I can't honestly say that I've seen any changes to my problem areas, though I suppose it doesn't claim to help my skin type, but it's another reason why I probably wouldn't buy it at full price. I enjoy it as a primer, but not as a skincare product, and again this is where the cost affects my £55 the right price for a primer? Not for my bank balance haha! 


Would I recommend this Product?

Yes. If you have the budget for it, if you enjoy trying something different for your skin, if you have older skin or enjoy sun worshipping, this might be right up your street! Just because I wouldn't re-buy doesn't mean I think its a bad product - quite the opposite. I just feel like somebody else would see more of a difference and benefit more than I have so far,  and after a few more weeks of use I might change my tune still...

It has won many awards, and has a great percentage of people noticing improvements with use so I have no doubt that it is a product worth trying out for yourself. 

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx