Light and Dark Collection by Leighton Denny

**gifted products**

I already sat and spent hours writing this post, was quite happy with it, and then something happened with my IPad and it all disappeared! How annoying! Lets try again shall we, this time on the laptop....

Recently I had a very exciting opportunity come my way in which I was able to swatch and blog about the brand new collection by Leighton Denny, Secrets of the Souk. Apart from it being an absolutely stunning collection, it also lead to Leighton Denny himself messaging me to thank me and asking to send a gift! 

This has been (and probably will be...) the most exciting thing to happen blog wise, for which I am so, so grateful. To be noticed by someone who is my biggest inspiration and has been for a long time was something I never dreamed would happen, so if you're reading this - Thank You!

Anyway, enough of my babbling and lets take a look at some of what I received. 


Light & Dark - Original

I have had bottle of this before and loved it. The original scent out of the Light & Dark collection is very warm, slightly spicy, and perfect to wear everyday in the autumn/winter months. 

The bottles in which this collection comes in are so stylish and look fab on your dressing table - very Instagram worthy! Each scent has a different colour, this particular one is a warm amber. 

Try this out for yourself HERE

This fragrance is also available as a body wash and body creme. 


Light & Dark - Delightful

This is my favourite fragrance of the four. Delightful is very sweet, and very fruity and so refreshing to spritz on during the day. I've been wearing this to work over the past few days and have received so many lovely compliments. 

It is a pretty pink liquid which again looks stunning in its bottle.

If you think this might be for you, click HERE


Light & Dark - Desire

Desire is one of the two unisex fragrances out of the collection, which I have let my hubby have as it really does suit him more than me. It is very cool, fresh and uplifting, with the slightest hint of spice. 

It looks wonderful in its bottle too, a cool blue that wont look too girly amongst a guys belongings!

For a full size bottle of any of these fragrances it will cost just £43.50 (with free p&p as you will have spent over £9.50) and if you think this scent is for you, click HERE


Light & Dark - Lively

This is the other unisex fragrance. It is still very fresh, slightly spicy but with a warmth to it. I will be sharing this one with the hubby! 

Lively is an apple green colour, which again won't look too feminine amongst the man in your life's products. Grab a bottle HERE


The whole collection is superb, they all come in their own black and white box, perfect to give as a gift (to others, or yourself!). Which of these scents will you be treating yourself to? 

Find me on Instagram to see upcoming pics of travel size versions of these fragrances in their cute bottles, as well as some 'makeup of the day' looks showing off the fab range of Lip Dual! 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx