Discovering Natura Siberica

Before I get started on this post, I just wanted to disclose that these items although not sent to me in PR, were gifted to me by a rep from the brand. My job has many perks, one of which is that we often are gifted products we sell so we can try them out and share with customers our own personal experiences.

Admittedly Nature Siberica is a brand that I’d not heard of before starting my job on beauty, but I’m so excited to have discovered it and their products. We began selling their Northern Soap for Deep Facial Cleansing, a solid black soap enriched with many incredible ingredients which softens beautifully with water. I’m still yet to try this product so I won’t go into too much detail…

The products which I do want to chat about today, are the Black Cleansing Butter and the Black Cleansing Face Mask.

Black Cleansing Butter

This is a cleanser that unlike the solid soap, can be used on a daily basis. The lush soft butter transforms into a milk when in contact with water - so no black stains or mess around the sink, perfect!

Massage a small amount around the face, dampen with warm water and rinse off. It’s as simple as that. It has no trouble removing makeup, even waterproof mascara, it all just melts effortlessly away.

The main ingredient in here is activated charcoal, working to really absorb impurities and give the pores a right good clear out. The first time I used this I noticed a few little spots appear, (which is normal when using a new product), a day or two later continuing to using this butter they cleared off.

Another important ingredients used is Organic Linen Oil which nourishes and softens. The first few times you use this butter, you will feel a difference in your skin. Unless you already have perfect skin, and if that’s the case - consider me #welljel

If you’re intrigued as to what other amazing ingredients are used, pop on over to their website. There is so much interesting information about the brand and their products, I for one spent a good couple of hours scrolling around.

The tub of cleansing butter costs £18 for 120ml, which I feel like is a generous amount for your money.

Black Cleansing Face Mask

Hands up if you enjoy kicking back with a face mask *inserts multiple hands-up emojis here*

I’m still in love with my Sand & Sky mask, and use it twice a week, but every now and again I swap it out for another on one of the two days a week. It’s on these days that I like to experiment with something I’ve not tried before.

I’ve tried a black charcoal mask before and was seriously unimpressed, it was one of those peel off masks - which I don’t recommend! This one by Nature Siberica doesn’t peel off, it doesn’t harden, and it doesn’t make a mess either.

It is to be used once a week, just apply an even amount over the face and leave for up to 10mins (if you have very dry skin, leave on for up to 5mins). Rinse off with warm water to see and feel the difference in your skin. Mine was left feeling extremely cleansed, silky soft and a touch brighter too.

Ingredients used includes activated charcoal, rosemary and many more.

This 80ml tube costs £14

I enjoy using both products, and absolutely love the packaging. It’s very unisex, men will be able to enjoy them too! The products smell incredible, such a pleasure to use.

A bit about the brand

Natura Siberica is certified to the strictest natural and organic cosmetic standards, and their products are made with the highest percentage of natural and organic ingredients, including unique ones sourced from Siberia.

They gather herbs from natural conditions where absolutely no other stimulations are used, meaning no nasty, harmful chemicals/substances have been used. Ingredients are rich in nutrients and active components.

This brand’s ethical and responsible practices contribute to sustain the livelihoods of indigenous people in Siberia and Far East Russia. They have won multiple awards recognising their commitment to local communities and nature.

Again, you can find all of this information and much more over on the Natura Siberia website. You will also find a massive collection of products! I was so surprised! As this brand is ‘fairly’ new to Marks and Spencer, we have only just begun to see the range of products expand on our shelves, which I’m very excited about and eager to see more in the future - fingers crossed…

Thank you as always for reading, will you be trying out some of these products? Maybe you already have? I’d love to know.

Love, Leanne Xx