6 Must Have Beauty Items to Battle Stress Spots

My skin has recently flared up again, and I want to share with you my 6 must-have products to treat and hide those pesky spots!

Lets start with skin care...

1) Organic Lavender and Geranium cleansing oil by Trevarno

I previously wrote a post about this, but I have to mention it again. This cleansing oil really gets in and gives the skin a good cleanse, whilst the lavender helps to calm any redness you are suffering with. Your skin feels lovely after use, and I can honestly say there is no left over oily residue. I hope to try more products from this business soon, their products sound wonderful. Have a look on their website HERE.

2) Apothaka facial oil

I love to use this morning and night under my moisturiser. I feel I've seen such an improvement in my skin since using it, even though I still get breakouts, this has definitely reduced amounts/redness. Plus it smells wonderful! 

Read my more in depth post about it HERE

3) Alpha H Liquid Gold

This was sent to me by the very lovely Jo of Crystal&Vanilla along with some other Alpha H goodies a while back. I bring this liquid out every time I have a breakout and only use on a night, up to three times a week.

To use I dampen a cotton pad and add a few drops, then gently swipe over freshly cleansed skin. This makes my skin tingle like crazy for a few seconds and makes it go really red, but it soon settles down and 9 times out of 10 the next morning my spots have reduced in number. I highly recommend it, but make sure you read about it first as it is not good for sensitive or delicate skin. 


When you've finished treating your spots, it's time to conceal them for the day ahead. Here are a few products that have been little lifesavers for me this week..

1) Pixi redness reducing primer.

I use the Pixi flawless beauty primer first all over the face, leave a second to settle, then add this redness reducing primer over my breakouts. I apply this green cream with my finger, gently tapping onto the targeted area. I leave this to settle a few minutes before continuing with the rest of my makeup.

2) Laura Geller The Real Deal concealer

This is fantastic for breakouts as it gives full, instant cover. I try to only use this when my skin is at its worst as I do find that throughout the working day it can crack a little and look heavy. You will need to touch up, but a small price to pay for the best cover I've found yet. 

*little side note - if my skin isn't doing to bad and only a few pink areas remain, my Zao concealer is more than sufficient and you can read about it in my previous post HERE

3) Marks and Spencer Autograph all in one Foundation

I have been pleasantly surprised with this foundation, an it only costs £16. It doesn't match my skin colour as near as I usually like, but it still looks good. It gives full coverage, if you have good skin you could easily just use a bit of this and you're good to go. 

I only use a very small amount of this as I don't wish to look too cakey, and I apply with a beauty blender. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your go-to beauty must haves for stressed skin?

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx