Pamper Time with Anatomicals

*contains PR products*

You may have heard of Anotomicals for their tongue in cheek, fun and bright packaging, but there's more to this brand than what meets the eye! I have been very lucky to try out a handful of their products...


Apricot face scrub

get outta my face, dirtball!

This product is my first experience with Anatomicals, and although weary at first, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I was a little weary just because I do get a fair bit of redness on my face and the apricot kernels although crushed still felt like they might be a touch too abrasive for my delicate skin. However, they proved not to be a problem at all. Combined with the clay like cream, water, and light pressure from massaging it in, this scrub left my skin feeling super soft, clean and bright with absolutely no redness. 


Anatomicals Apricot face scrub

This amount was more than enough for one use, and there was still plenty left in the sachet, which I have tubbed up ready to use next week. It was a pleasure to use, the scent was lovely and fresh which made the experience even more enjoyable. 

Whats more, this sachet which is supposedly only one use will cost you a mere £1.50. Who doesn't love a bargain?!

Anatomicals apricot face scrub
Anatomicals apricot face scrub


Wake - up under eye patches

Puffy the eye bag slayer

After giving my face a good old cleanse and scrub, I decided to have a go with these under eye patches whilst I had a nice relaxing soak in the bath. 

I am a sucker for any eye products as I have wrinkly, baggy eyes with a dark inner corner that only seems to be getting harder to combat with age. When I'm feeling like they are at their worst, I usually turn to Skyn Icelands version of under eye gels/patches which immediately make my eye area look and feel better. 

Anatomicals under eye patches are a wonderful alternative if you don't have a large budget under the belt. For a pack of three it will only cost you £6.00. 


Anatomicals under eye patches
Anatomicals under eye patches

After cleansing your face, bob a pair of these on and leave on for 30mins. This may seem like a fair while, but trust me, if you're soaking in a nice hot bath or settled down with a cuppa the time soon flies! 

I felt a very slight tingly feeling whilst wearing them, not at all uncomfortable, but I guess they were just letting me know they were getting to work. Once removed I did notice that the slight puffiness under the eyes had gone down wonderfully. Great stuff!


Eye gel

no old bags allowed

Another eye product to battle my tired eyes! I've been using this gel twice a day, once on a morning and once on an evening. The skin around my eyes has certainly been less puffy, especially after using the pair of eye patches as well. 

You only need a small amount, it is a gel but it's not thick and gloopy, so it soon dries with no stickiness. 

Anatomicals eye gel
Anatomicals eye gel
Anatomicals eye gel


This eye gel is just £4 for 15ml, the price points for these products are so reasonable! If you are looking for pamper products for a girly night in, you really can't go wrong. 


Dry relief balm

High noon for the prune

I am going to be really honest here guys, I'm afraid this isn't my favourite product of the bunch. I'm just not a fan of the texture, for me, it's a little greasy...almost like Vaseline only not as heavy. However, used on dry elbows and knees it does work, it softens and nourishes the skin, but it does take a bit to dry and I was left with that greasy film which I'm not fond of.

Perhaps this product is best used on a night for deep conditioning? 


Anatomicals dry relief balm
Anatomicals dry relief balm

I could only see this item as part of a set on Asos, along with five other items including a lipgloss, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo & conditioner it would cost £15 which again is fab value, and would actually make a really nice gift for someone. 


Firming face mask

We can see we need to be firm with you

This is another product that I wasn't overly keen on... but it's to do with me, not the product! I'm sure I've mentioned in one of my posts before that I'm not a fan of having paper type masks on my face, I know it's sounds strange - and maybe I am haha! - but I just start to feel a little... uncomfortable. I don't mind clay masks etc but that's as far as I can go! 

However, it seemed only fair to give it a go, now you're supposed to leave it on for 20mins but I just couldn't - I think I lasted about 10...

Anatomical firming face mask
Anatomical firming face mask

You can see how uncomfortable I am can't you haha! Again, those are my issues. If you use sheet masks all the time you will love this, it is cooling and really does leave the skin feeling lovely. I've experienced tightening of the skin with previous brands and attempts at masks but this one doesn't do that at all, there's no rushing to a moisturiser. 

This face mask would cost you £8 - which I don't think is bad value as it's not something you're going to be using on a daily basis, it's a treat! 


Final thoughts

As a brand I am super impressed. The price points are more than fair, the packaging is fun - I love that the seriousness that can come with skincare has been taken away with a few quirky quotes, and the products themselves are of really good quality. 

My favourite items have to be the eye patches, eye gel, and of course the face scrub. 

I've been looking on Asos and have already decided to treat myself to a few other products, such as the Help the Paw hand cream, and who could resist those adorable sleep masks for the eyes! 

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx