Top Habits to fall into for Clearer Looking Skin

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I am a huge addict to Pinterest, I would pin all day every day if I could. I follow so many different topics, one of which is acne solutions/advice, of course! I came across one post that was very interesting, the advice given was so very obvious, things that all of us probably do all of the time, but some of the things mentioned to help keep skin clean I have to admit I let slip from time to time. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of the simple basic things in life!  

So I thought I would do a quick post, just listing some of the things I do to try and help my current skin situation...

Double Cleanse - I mainly only follow this rule if I've been wearing makeup, I treat the first cleanse as the remover of makeup, then the second cleanse to really get into the skin and make it clean and fresh again.

Clean your phone screen - This was in the Pinterest post I mentioned, when I read it I instantly cleaned my screen. I wasn't doing it enough, but now I do it on the daily. Bacteria collects on the screens then we press it to our face when making phone calls which is then passing the bacteria onto our skin....gross! 

Bath your Brushes - Something else I admittedly didn't do often enough is clean my makeup brushes... now I clean them on a weekly basis. 

Change your pillowcases - I like to change my pillows between the whole bedsheet change, might seem faffy but we lay our face directly onto our pillows - it's important to keep them fresh and clean. 

Image found on Google

Image found on Google

Stop touching your face! - Seems like a daft one this doesn't it? I never realised just how much I touch my face until I told myself to stop. It's also probably the reason why my makeup wears off quicker around my chin and nose area. Through the day we touch so many different things, money, door handles, your dog?! Our hands pick up so many germs so its handy to remind ourselves to wash hands often and touch face less! 

Obviously there are so many different things that we can do to help keep skin clear, one of the most important things (which I'm personally still working on) is what we actually put into our bodies. What we eat and drink can really have an effect on the health of our skin. Maybe when I'm much better at this I could do a post on it...but what I can tell you for now is that I have cut down enormously on the amount of bad foods I eat. I take less sugar in my tea, eat less chocolate/sweets/biscuits, only have a takeaway every other week or even less, I make most meals fresh and from scratch, making these small changes will hopefully help how my skin looks and also improve overall health.

So let's leave it at that for today! Do you have any handy tips and habits you'd like to share too? I'd love to know so please drop them into the comments...

Thank you as always for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx