An Introduction to Polished by Leanne's Skin Series

Hello everyone and welcome to the newest addition to the blog, Skin Series. I wanted to set this space up to share with you the skin concerns that I have and what I try/learn about keeping it under control and maybe even fixing the problem somehow. I hope what I share here will help, in some way, others who have the same or similar issues. Also, if you ever have any tips/tricks, please do share them! Even if it is something that hasn't/doesn't work for me - it may well help someone else reading this.. so please drop your comments below.

In these posts you will see real, close-up, unfiltered photos so I apologise in advance for my bare mugshots haha! 

I feel like I have so much to share with you all already, but I'm going to keep things short and sweet in each post and try not to get too carried away... Today I think it would make the most sense if I just start right at the very beginning....


When did I start noticing a difference in my skin?

Even as a teenager I wouldn't describe my skin as being overly spotty, I got the odd one here and there but nothing major. Most of my life I would say my skin was normal to combination. 

About two years ago I started suffering with migraines, after many trips backwards and forwards to the doctors it was confirmed and so he decided to get me started on medication for it. However, this meant taking me off of the pill, something that I'd been on since my teenage years, as the two mixed together would give me a high chance of having a stroke....yikes! 

Maybe a month or two after starting these migraine tablets I started noticing that I was having more and more breakouts..and in certain areas - mostly my cheeks - the redness didn't seem to leave with the spots. As the two years have passed the redness and texture has certainly increased, if left to it's own devices with crappy skincare I hate to think what it could actually look like. My skin has also gone from normal/combination to quite dry except the T-Zone which can get quite oily.

I know what you're thinking - its the medication! Well, no its not haha! Before I could be put onto a repeat prescription for the tablets I had to keep going back to the doctors for regular checks on my blood etc.. and this kind of fell by the wayside when both my grandparents were taking into hospital Christmas 2016. Their health came before anything and after so long my trips for a check up were something I could do without. Sooo, rather naughtily, I haven't been on migraine medication for a while now. Long story short - I do believe it was coming off the pill that started my new skin journey. 


What my skin looks like now

Ok, brace yourself guys - here is both sides of my face now...

Bare face - right
bare face - left

These photos have been taken on what I would call an 'alright skin day', not a good day, but certainly not at it's worst. I've been working through the nights which does make my skin break out more.

As you can see my cheeks are the worst areas, I have 'spots' and I put them in asterisks because they aren't typical spots which burst (sorry - so gross haha!) they flare up one day and settle down the next, and I also have redness. I also feel like where these spots have been before and now gone, have left a little bit of scarring. Then there is the redness, which again can feel fairly clear some days, but bright red on others. Today the redness isn't at it's worst - phew! 

I also have a little breakout on my chin area, this is since doing my nights, and thankfully isn't a permanent addition to my cheeks. 


Right guys, I think I will end my post here...I feel that its a good place to stop without overloading you all with my ramblings - we need to keep things short haha! What I will quickly mention is that now that things have (touch wood) calmed down in respects of family worries, I do plan on going back to the doctors to firstly talk about going back on my migraine medication as I'm still struggling with them and secondly to see if they have any suggestions for my skin. I will keep you all posted in this series. 

In my next post maybe we can go through the various skin care and treatments I've tried..

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx