5 Things that Just don't Work for my Skin

I thought that today I could share with you some of the things that I've tried on my problem skin that haven't worked, or worked up to a point then stopped. It can be so disheartening when you see products or services advertised or used by your favourite beauty gurus that are hyped to work, but after paying out the pounds and building your hopes up, they just don't seem to do anything for your skin. 

Hopefully this post today will help give you a different perspective on some of these products/services. Everybody's skin is different, I have to keep telling myself this, what works for one, isn't necessarily going to work for another. 

Let's dive into the list...

Image found on Google

Image found on Google

Tea Tree - So we all know that this is an essential oil which works as an antiseptic which is why we tend to find it in many spot/acne focused skincare products. Up until a few years ago when my skin decided to do a flip, I was absolutely fine using it and even had bottles of neat tea tree in the bathroom on hand for when a spot or two decided to visit. 

As my skin has changed and become quite sensitive, I noticed that using any form of tea tree products on my face results in angry red skin and doesn't do an awful lot to combat the spots/acne. 

After noticing these reactions, I took to good old Google, and found that much research advises people with sensitive skin to steer clear of this essential oil. Something I would never have thought to cut out of my skincare as I'd never had issues before, just goes to show how drastically your skin can change. 


Alpha-H Liquid Gold/Pixi Glow Tonic/Glycolic Acid? - I've put a question mark at the end of this one as its still something I'm not 100% sure on, so if any of you lovelies out there have any ideas....please let me know!

The reason why I'm wary of products containing this ingredient now is because a while ago, my lovely friend Jo from the wonderful blog Crystal&Vanilla very generously sent me some Alpha-H products, which I begun to use religiously following the guidelines that she'd also sent me. For months, maybe just over a year, the combination of the cleanser, liquid gold and moisturiser worked incredibly well for me. I'd notice my skin would settle over night, but this started to change.

As I'd been so happy with the products I'd gone and replaced them once I'd run out, and these are high end, great quality products that don't come cheap. I started to notice my skin getting more and more angry, red, spotty, and oh my goodness so dry! My moisturiser was my best friend, and actually it still is.

I knew that the liquid gold was probably turning on me, and after only using the Alpha-H cleanser and moisturiser it was confirmed that this was the case. The ingredient that stood out to me was Glycolic Acid. I took to Google again and realised that perhaps this should be something else to avoid in skincare.

Many blogs were sharing how people with sensitive skin should really only be using acids like these in very small measures, if not at all. Now in the Liquid Gold Glycolic Acid is the fifth ingredient listed, so even though it's not right at the top of the list, it's still up there meaning it's one of the main ingredients.

Another product that I'd been using is the Pixi Glow Tonic, (not together mind you!), and I've grouped this product with the Liquid Gold as again, Glycolic Acid is one of the main ingredients. The same thing happened with this product, I started using it, started noticing clearer, brighter skin, then it turned on me. The angry red spot prone skin was back. 


Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser -  I loved this product so much and even wrote a blogpost about it along with a few other Yes To products. I still stand by my review - I think I'd been using it for a good couple of months before realising that it just wasn't doing anything anymore. 

I would still recommend this product. The reason why I liked it so much is because it seemed to really pick my skin up. The redness was subsiding, the texture/spots were calming down, all was good. 

Then it seemed to stop having an effect, it didn't aggravate my skin or make me break out or anything. I just wasn't as impressed as I first had been, but maybe I was expecting too much. It had helped to a point, but now maybe it was time to move onto something else. The only thing I had noticed is that this cleanser made my already dry skin even more dry, a good moisturiser is a huge must when using. 


Corrective Skin Peel & Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) - I decided to try this out when I was feeling completely down and fed up with my face. No matter what I seemed to try, I was getting nowhere. Time to take more action!

All I can say is that I HUGELY regret ever doing this to myself, not only did it ruin my skin but it knocked my already low self esteem too. I wouldn't recommend it to someone suffering with problem skin. I only ended up having two treatments then decided it just wasn't worth it and packed it in. 

I'll never forget the first session. The beautician/nurse was amazing, she talked me through everything, but it was when she'd finished and showed me to the mirror that my heart sunk. My skin was shiny, so very shiny, but also, red. So, so red and dry. I was mortified, but I thought maybe this is what I need to do, maybe it has to get worse before getting better?

The second time I went made up my mind. I remember I was working a thorough the night after and my face looked so awful, and I couldn't wear my makeup so everyone would see just how disgusting my skin was. I literally got home after work and cried. It had made my skin more dry, more red, I'd broken out, and I noticed a dry red patch had appeared on my chin area. This just wasn't worth it and I felt like it had actually made my skin worse. I didn't want to leave the house! 


These are the main things that I've tried and tested on my skin that I won't be using/doing again. I wasn't expecting the post to be so long, so thank you if you've made it this far haha! As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, it could help me and my other readers too.

Maybe in the next post I could share a few helpful tips or even habits that I've fallen into to help keep skin clear...

Thank you again for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx