The Pudsey Dog Park

I wanted to chat about this months ago, but with one thing and another, this post never materialised. Time to change that!

If you’ve read any of my Bobbie posts, followed him on Instagram or know him personally, you will know what an absolute nightmare he is around other dogs. This makes walkies quite the challenge, and even though his barking and naughtiness no longer embarrasses me, I do feel a deep sadness when watching other dog owners out and about able to let their pooches run around off lead knowing full well that Bobbie can’t join in.

Whilst at work a good few months ago, a customer was chatting to me about her own pooches. That is when I first heard about The Pudsey Dog Park. She was singing its praises, and told me about how friendly the owner was too.

Now I’d heard about these places where you can pay to have a field to yourself and let your dogs off lead without the fear of them coming into contact with others, but I had no idea that there was one so close to home.

Needless to say that one of the first things I did when I got home that day was pop online and check out their website. I found that you can book your time slot online, you could choose from half an hour to a full hour, and depending on the amount of dogs you want to take, prices range from £6 - £18, with options to pay extra for 10 or more dogs (yikes!) or for behavioural lessons.

Bobbies first Visit

The Pudsey Dog Park

It was difficult to get a photo of him here as he was enjoying himself far too much and the pictures came out a touch blurry, but this one turned out OK…

Such a great sight - off lead and able to freely run about. Half an hour was enough for our little lad, especially as it’s a longish walk back home.

The enclosed field is massive for his little legs, very safe and secure, and I believe that Debbie has had flood lights installed for the darker evenings. There’s toys to play with, an obstacle course (for you show offs with well trained pets!), fresh water and a shed full of treats to buy from local, small businesses.

The Pudsey Dog Park
The Pudsey Dog Park
The Pudsey Dog Park
The Pudsey Dog Park

Needless to say we came away having bought a few fab treats for Bobbie to enjoy!

The photos don’t really do enough justice in terms of showing how much space there is for your dog(s) to run around in.

Each time we have visited this park, Debbie has given us a warm welcome, and been nothing but understanding about Bobbie’s behaviour. If you have an aggressive or timid dog, or maybe you just want a safe place to let them off of the lead, I highly recommend The Pudsey Dog Park. It’s incredibly clean and well looked after, I really cant say enough good things about it! I’m only annoyed that I hadn’t learnt about the place sooner.

If you live in the Pudsey area or nearby, make sure you check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Click HERE to see how other people have enjoyed the park too, there’s some fab photos have a nosey at also.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx