Bobbie, Grandad, and Alzheimer's

  Ignore Grandad's sock/sandal situation - he has a poorly toe at the moment!

Ignore Grandad's sock/sandal situation - he has a poorly toe at the moment!

Last year my Grandad was diagnosed with having Alzheimer's. He is at the early stages, but the struggles are still there for himself and Nanna. I don't want to go too much into this, but what I do want to chat about is how our beautiful, crazy boy Bobbie helps Grandad...

At the moment Grandad's mood can be up, or can be quite down, and because he can't play out in the garden in the winter months, he's taken to sitting quietly in the back room with his blanket looking out at the miserable weather. 

I've noticed such a difference in his mood when Bobbie comes to visit. Now we all know by now what a lively, bouncy boy he is... He's a chuffing handful haha! But he loves Grandad so much, he doesn't leave him alone! 

He can keep Grandad's attention, make him smile, make him laugh, and plays with him. On days when we visit and Grandad isn't quite as upbeat, Bobbie will lay quietly at his side (a miracle in itself!) and just let him stroke him. Of course my camera comes out at every opportunity!

Studies show that visits from pets can help with anxiety and depression, and can even reduce effects of dementia such as agitation.


I try to take Bobbie with me on every visit, and when Rob passes his test, I'll be taking him up even more often. I really do believe that pets can make such a difference in people's lives, especially for those tackling mental health. 

Thank you for reading this very short Bobbie post,

Love, Leanne Xx